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Richard Hatch 12/4/2012 | 7:48:59 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch See link to recent BCR article:


Seemed relevant to current question at hand.
lu-alum 12/4/2012 | 7:48:57 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch Good find!

I admit I'm shocked at this...

Sullebarger: Definitely. There are a number of large-scale ATM-based service providers out there that want OC-192 ATM in the backbone. Some are seeing demand for OC-48 ATM UNI services. To carry that clearly requires OC-192 ATM trunking. But I think there is demand for 192 trunking even without the OC-48 UNI service.

mboeing 12/4/2012 | 7:48:57 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch "Someone mentioned all the Robbins Road newbies? Well same deal in Marlboro - all the "core talent" (ummm...whatever) is across the street where the better showers are."

Just out of idle curiosity, what is across Nickerson Road?

lu-alum 12/4/2012 | 7:48:56 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch ...and each person will get a 3500 sqaure foot office.
yomama 12/4/2012 | 7:48:56 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch Hey, you dont know what you're talking about, those properties in Marlboro have been up for lease or sale for a long time now, why do you think they put that new building in Robbins Road? they will consolidate Marlboro and Boxboro operations all into Robbins Road Mr knowitall!!!

broadbandboy 12/4/2012 | 7:48:49 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch Good informative article - thanks to the person providing the link.

OC-192 ATM is old news; several switch and silicon vendors have been working on this for a while - unmet demand from "large" organizations for OC-48 also old news; problem is installed switches from (guess who) Lucent not OC-48c capable.

lightwatcher 12/4/2012 | 7:48:41 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch My take on the BCR article - more rhetoric from the new breed of ATM-heads. Good news for them I guess since LU seems to be bowing out of the ATM business. Especially good news for the Equipe team since rumor has it that a good chunk of their product design was "borrowed" from the original LU MSC25K concept. No surprise though, knock LU as much as you want but as a company, they have spawned more great ideas than most of the old dinosaurs. Too bad the engineers have to go somewhere else to bring the ideas to fruition.
seen_the_light 12/4/2012 | 7:48:40 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch
>For example, was the MSC250000000000 (what ever) cancelled because a. There is no demand for a >new ATM switch, even one that can talk MPLS, or

There's demand, but not for a BIG box like that in my opinion. CRANE UPGRADE! This thing was a giant!

>b. there is no demand for a new Lucent ATM
>switch, or ...

I don't buy that at all - ATM is Lucent's thing, not just Westford you know. Customers love Lucent/NetCare/Financing, you name it - Lucent's got some. Had some? Whatever. Still, the people I've met from carriers aren't stupid and also aren't so willing to buy into the "equity" deal anymore. They are aware that startups aren't in a position to support giant boxes with thier associated giant outages. At least not in a financial position to do so, that's for sure.

>This is really important, becuase if a. is true,
>than Equipe and WaveSmith are toast.

I can sort of follow that, but Equipe is closer to Oz than Wavesmith's product is I think. In fact, it's no where near that size box, just go look at their website. Seems pretty small and out on the edge of the network. Now, if Lucent focuses on the 500/550 that MIGHT be a problem for them, but sheesh, the crew in Westford certainly isn't in a competitive state and neither is that former-champion-now-boat-anchor (sorry, that's what it is guys, there ain't no Cascade magic hoo-hah, they were in with A product at the RIGHT time). I imagine Equipe will benefit just from the spin factor they can put on this, but I'd be concerned about the Nexabit box - no matter what these other guys are saying/slamming. Whether it's a piece of junk or not remains to be seen.

>If b. is true, Equipe and WaveSmith have a
chance, but are they so different from Lu, since
both are populated by ex-Cascade engineers? As
anybody heard how Equipe stacks up against the
MSC, for example? The two look pretty similar to

Why does everyone keep saying Equipe=Wavesmith? They are clearly very different boxes. Just look at the web sites and propoganda! As for both being populated by ex-Cascade ENGINEERS, i'm pretty sure many of Westford's engineers from Cascade/Ascend are at Wavesmith, not Equipe - hw and sw, and many not directly from westford either. Is that right? I think Equipe is mostly nortel people actually - I think i read that here once - with ex-cascade engineers as founders/managers. Anyway, what's the difference? People are people and cascade had good and bad as much as Bay did. Didn't many of them also go to SCMR?

I don't know how the Equipe box stacks up to Oz, but I can say that at Supercomm, it was about 1/3rd the size of Oz (which is like saying 1/3 the size of Jupiter).

>c. Lucent knew they would never be able to ship
a working product in a reasonable time frame,
>and just gave it up.

Entirely possible. I suspect they just knew that the software crew in Westford and Illinois wouldn't be able to handle the 500 incoming (duck!) long term.

Hardware is a different story. I have HW friends there who will NOT budge. You tell me. If you ask me, LU's ramping up for a big one and we're gonna have to wait and see what it is and I'm pretty sure it ain't wireless.

blosox 12/4/2012 | 7:48:40 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch Just out of idle curiosity, what is across Nickerson Road?

Reference to Axiowave I believe, where alot of the "core" Nexabit people wound up.

mboeing 12/4/2012 | 7:48:37 PM
re: Lucent Bags High-End Switch "Just out of idle curiosity, what is across Nickerson Road?"

"Reference to Axiowave I believe, where alot of the "core" Nexabit people wound up."

200 Nicherson Road - That should be the former Nexabit building. No need to even cross the road. :)
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