opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 2:11:11 AM
re: LSI Snares Velio My guess is that Velio has a better SerDes core than LSI. But they sold this technology to Rambus, then licensed it back.

I assume that Velio's license prevents them from putting this SerDes into other company's ASICs (since Rambus supposedly wants to do this--it's what they paid for).

But LSI is an ASIC house. So did they just get a great SerDes technology that they can't use? Or are they planning on becoming a systems IC house (and potentially compete with their customers)?

And what is going to happen to Velio's chips? Is LSI going to continue to support them or are Velio's customers going to have to start scrambling?

Can anyone from LSI or Velio enlighten us? This is one case where being open is probably better for your customers than keeping things close to the chest--unless Cisco is such a large customer that they're the only ones you need to inform.