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tmmarvel 12/5/2012 | 5:32:45 PM
re: OpenFlow, SDN & an Industry Uprising

Re: "TCP/IP vs. SONET" -- isn't this like asking whether a particular vehicle is better than a certain road or rail system?

IP is a L3 protocol, which needs L2 and L1 (eg SDH/SONET) protocols and technologies for framing (even just packet demarcation, eg via HDLC) and physical transmission.

My guess is that most of the IP traffic at physical transmission rates above 100Mbps and over distances over ~ 1km use SDH for L1 muxing.

Rather that asking if a particular L3 protocol is better than a certain L1 protocol, wouldn't it be more useful to figure out how to make the L3/2 (packet-switched) and L1/0 (currently circuit switched, whether via TDM or WDM or both) function more efficiently together?

Can SDN/openflow help in such practical purposes, that make a big difference for cost efficiency of network services?

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