gbmorrison 12/5/2012 | 3:28:51 PM
re: The Un-Sweet 16 There's actually several things that could be at work here, to different degrees for each one because a few are 1st tier types, a few more like fourth tiers. But there could be many more shares (and warrants for shares) held by insiders, management and institutional investors that are not part of the 'float.' The market I'm sure is pricing in future expectations that revenue and/or the end-market is in decline. OR the market just does not trust the current numbers all that much -- some of these companies have shown lots of revisions and adjustments.
Mark Sebastyn 12/5/2012 | 3:28:40 PM
re: The Un-Sweet 16 1. Book value is meaningless in this sector because of Goodwill, which is basically what a company overpaid when they bough the last 9 companies (see Nortel).

2. MarketCap/Cash is also meaningless unless you look at debt (see Fibertower), and more importantly, debt maturity horizons.

3. Metrics are meaningless when institutional investors have to sell to meet redemptions/margins ratios.
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