Greenbone 12/5/2012 | 5:11:28 PM
re: Rumor: Microsoft Stuffs IPTV Group Into Xbox

If Microsoft wants to be a serious player with Xbox as a media platform, they'd better allow fantastic and open software like XBMC to inhabit the environment.

Their media interface is lagging and horrible in comparison to the very nimble, feature-rich, flexible, and OPEN media manager from XBMC.

I've owned an xbox (and the upgrades) since inception, and the device was / is great for gaming, but as a media platform - it simply sucks.

You're better off buying an HTPC, run windows or linux, then install XBMC.

...this ends my geek-rant.







melao2 12/5/2012 | 5:11:09 PM
re: Rumor: Microsoft Stuffs IPTV Group Into Xbox

I only see this type of things viable for the near future.

After that I suppose TVs will have the hardware built-in to them to do such things.

The pace that those SOCs are evolving in the mobile side, just make it easier for a TV maker to integrate it on the TVs.


For example, Samsung is a key player in both SOCs and TVs. I see them benefitting from IPTV deployments.


If Microsoft do not integrate this to the Xbox quickly, it will lose the momentum for sure, because people will buy the TV that does it all.


I could be wrong though. :)

Greenbone 12/5/2012 | 5:10:50 PM
re: Rumor: Microsoft Stuffs IPTV Group Into Xbox

...I agree that TV's will have it all on-board, but as an audiophile and someone who wants the latest / greatest features, I don't want to be locked in with on-board solutions that can't be upgraded.

I suspect the on-board solutions will be spec'd to have just enough processor power, just enough memory, etc, for the software shipped.

I also suspect the media tools and interfaces to evolve very quickly.


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