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frickfrack 12/4/2012 | 7:22:59 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies Ooh man! That was a good read!
So Malachite has "experts who did ASIC development at Cabletron." Pardon me, but didn't Cabletron take about 5 years to develop its Ethernet switching ASICs, which were so badly muffed up constantly, that they were always in a return state? Ugh.

So Smellacoya spreads its tentacles of death out to Malachite. Word is that 3 VPs from Smellacoya are now at Malachite, one of them was fired (at Smellacoya). Guess that's the kind of people you want to hire these days!

tiadakola 12/4/2012 | 7:22:58 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies Hey Frick,

Well, 'Word' is wrong. So much for your insight.
Oh, by the way, which of the former Ellacoya VP's was fired? Like you have a clue.
frickfrack 12/4/2012 | 7:22:53 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies Keep drinking the kool-aid, tiadakola.

I'm sure you have all the knowledge in the world. Smellacoya's great idea about the future of the Internet ("we're going to be the next RedBack!") coupled with Malachite's scintillating, ground breaking, and revolutionary idea of "your data is always accessible" will surely rule the world.

Start spending your billions today, because both companies will be huge. Pass the kool aid, I'm getting thirsty.
indianajones 12/4/2012 | 7:22:51 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies I heard that procket is making a mungo router/switch capable of supporting 40G. My question is - where are the OC-768 interfaces that these 40G router ports need to hook up to? I am fairly certain that no service provider is ready to install OC-768 DWDM terminals anytime soon given that a majority of their installed 10G terminals are still unlit?

In any case, procket seems to have morphed from a chip vendor to a systems vendor. Is there really a market for another big router?
metrodude 12/4/2012 | 7:22:44 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies Oh my god, I have never laughed so hard
in all my life. Obviously you are not
in tune, stressed out, angry, disgruntled maybe.

They said the same thing about Cable T.V.
ten years ago, Why should I pay for cable when I can get 7 or 8 prime time channels-CBS, NBC, ABC Etc.. Hmmm! 90% of every household
near metro area's have cable and are paying

There marketing technics are billing it as
"Premium Internet"=Bandwidth on demand.
Which is usally a element with some
intelligent OSS interaction for billing purposes

Many makers of IP Services switches are in this
space- Cosine, Corona, many, many almost every
vendor of next generation service platforms solves these issues.

This comapny has delivered in record time
to market with intillectual property, patents, as witnessed by top tier investors
and VC's.

Your comments about Cabletron vs. Lucent people,
and the test team simply horsepucky!

The highest degree of professionalism with
demonstrated results of thier deliverables
has been evidenced.

You sound like a frustrated stock broker!
tiadakola 12/4/2012 | 7:22:41 PM
re: Light Reading's Top Ten Private Companies Dude,

No, I don't have all the knowledge in the world, but I am somewhat familiar with both companies that you disparage in your comments. I was not, by my comments, indicating that Ellacoya was a success (as you so adeptly put it, 'drinking the ellacoya kool aid'). In fact, it is pretty clear that they have had (and continue to have) major issues. My point is that your comments were irrelevant and misinformed given that you were spouting rumor and innuendo. No facts. So, let's revisit my questions, shall we? Who are the three VP's at Malachite that used to be @ Ellacoya? And who of the three (are you sure about three there compadre?) were fired? Inquiring minds would like to know. You my friend, are a fraud. And by the way butthead, the market changed, get over it. You don't sound like a bitter stock broker...more like a bitter employee or headhunter.
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