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paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:05:54 PM
re: Letter to Ed Whitacre
You clearly have never worked with union employees. They create jobs to have jobs created. They make sure that these are inefficient so more union jobs are created. They are loyal - to the union.

That is separate from management's problem and if you noted there was A LOT more blasting of Whitacre and his leadership. An entire article's worth.

I guess the millions of phone lines going to cable companies are figments of people's imaginations. You are so out of touch, I think YOU are in government not your sister. Very few people in the US are completely disconnecting. Cable already has 2/3rds of the broadband market and 75% of the video market. Somehow taking away phone lines is not competitive. That's funny. I thought you were just an ideologue. In fact, you are a moron.

deauxfaux 12/5/2012 | 3:05:53 PM
re: Letter to Ed Whitacre 7

You should know better than to argue with RJ, he is a simpleton zealot with no concept of reality. My experience with Unions started when I was a child, and has extended well into my career.

You are 100% correct: the purpose of the union is to perpetuate the union.

The purpose of union management is to maintain their own entitlements, side deals and perks.

Unions purposely erect complex work rules guaranteed to destroy efficiency, and maximize the number of UNION jobs irrespective of the costs to management or the damage to shareholders

Unions are unwilling to come embrace the truth that the price of commodity labor in a global economy regresses to the mean. They are living in the past.

Unions have destroyed the "Big 3", Delphi, etc. and are bleeding the US Economy to death. Thank goodness the semiconductor industry has never been unionized

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