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papabear 12/4/2012 | 10:04:48 PM
re: Laid Off, and Leaving Telecom 400 is a small goal. Why not make it 500?
Lite_Rider 12/4/2012 | 10:01:56 PM
re: Laid Off, and Leaving Telecom This is actually meant to be a serious post.

I think LightReading should sponsor a contest called: "Guess the number of Orange Jump Suits".

Here's how I see it playing out...

Play it like a horse race. Put the list of the 15 most critically watched companies:
* WorldCom
* Qwest
* Global Crossing
* etc.

Then, have readers guess how many employees/executives will be indicted by Christmas time (election day is a better bet).

Then, sort of like the Tri-fecta at a race track, you select winners for a prize of some sort.

It would be fun and illuminating. Who knows? Some of the posts might uncover some leads for the DOJ and SEC to pursue.

Fun with a public service...oh, and it would increase bandwidth demands...so, it is self-serving, too.

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