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whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:28:04 PM
re: Kennedy Bids JDSU Adieu Odo:

Before and immediately after the merger, everyone who was anyone made so much money they literally retired to take golf lessons and/or left to found their own place(s). There was not much left but the walls and the equipment.

Then the investors thought they should bring in an "experienced" CEO to take the bigger company it to the next level.

Problem was, there was nothing left inside to take to the next level, except the walls and equipment, and oh yea, the bank account.

Ergo, gotta buy it.

But if you buy it you have to keep the purchased team around and forward-incentivised to make it work. Or you end up with more walls and equipment, and less in your bank account.

Lesson for today: give talented folks a share of the payout, or they won't stick around, and there is no payout.

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