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matahari 12/5/2012 | 2:55:11 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging Thanks, LR, for writing an article on this, but
this is old news. If anything, it's probably
leaked by Juniper as a marketing ploy to hold
customers from buying Cisco or Alcatel, thinking
the Juniper box will be much better.

The box is still in development and it won't be available for at least 6 months. At the meantime, Juniper is coming out with a dense gigabit ethernet on their M/T routers to try to stop
the bleeding from customers who have figured out they can achieve the same functions using Cisco
7600s at a much lower cost per gigabit ethernet port.

As for the switch, it's targeted for the metro
market, and Juniper will spin vpls and qos as
its strength versus Cisco and Alcatel.
light-headed 12/5/2012 | 2:55:09 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging Because it will reduce their margins. All of their products are 55-70% margin. Ethernet switching is inherently lower margin due to competition. The margin is in the 30-50% range or worse. They only want to cherry pick the high margin businesses in enterprise and service provider. This strategy however will not last as they lose business to true "solutions". They need to partner heavily with Lucent, Siemens, Ericsson to compete and eventually this will not work anymore.
mtrehearne 12/5/2012 | 2:55:09 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging Why doesn't Juniper buy Riverstone and get in the game now?
valleyguy 12/5/2012 | 2:55:09 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging When is Juniper going to get its act together? You know what they say about what the rising tide covers? A lot of rocks ahead for Juniper. Yeah i know they have a lot of momentum but it's deceptive.

This company is not integrating its acquisitions at all, despite the rosy spin they are putting on things. They lost the entire Netscreen sales force, and now the technical brains have left. Kittu is gone and all they have is a shell of a company that is fast losing its edge, and they paid more than the entire market's value for that class of product for that empty shell. They don't have overlay sales teams selling the peribit, redline or kagoor products. The channel is shaky at best. It's still a router company after they spent, what, $4.5B on acquisitions over the last couple of years?

They still don't have a WLAN product, are still nowhere near having a data center strategy, no storage plan. Do they even have a plan at all? What's worse, having no plan or not being able to execute your plan? They are becoming a laughing stock out there and yet everyone talks about what a kick ass company they are.

Juniper will lose its momentum just when Cisco is finally vulnerable and losing the final few strong, smart, hard working people they have. Too bad to see a great opportunity wasted.
ironccie 12/5/2012 | 2:54:59 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging Well, honestly, today I don't feel like hating on them. I hope they do well even though they have a CEO with a crooked smile and venture capitalism represents everything I hate. 7,000,000 years ago apes climbed out of trees and now we have Juniper and all the other folks who think they have a clue. Homo Erectus and Goliath would be proud. Likely Juniper management would kill them and eat them. I wish them luck with their superior victory in Ethernet. I really, really, really, need another Ethernet vendor. We are really liking the Cisco SD2005 5 port switch on our engineers desks! Supports 10/100/1000 and we got them for 20 bucks a port! Of course the FastIron's, BigIron:s, and Catalysts in the network were bit more expensive back in the day... Common hurry up!

matahari 12/5/2012 | 2:54:59 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging The company is living on past reputation and
borrowed time. Good analogy on rising tide
masking the rocks beneath the surface. Within
the company, products are getting delayed and
quality has slipped. Even this Ethernet switch
is 9 months behind. Good engineers have been
frusfrated with the management, who are
basically yes men with little experience. All
they do is go to meetings and claim credit on
other people's work.
very_objective_dude 12/5/2012 | 2:54:59 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging You know, Scott K used to work for John C, but
he is no John at all, not even close. Scott is
getting over his head. He literally fired those
who disagreed with him. He never really figured
out how to do acquisitions properly. Like you
said, it is only a good looking distraction
while he piles up his own money in the bank.

As for strategy, J is never really a company that
is capable of competing in low margin biz.
Starting from the engineering mentality to the mkt force: they always start out with the cost
story, then everybody starts to bitch about
features, then the cost will just blow out of the
window, then they could not sell the piece of
the gear (because it is too expensive and has
features that customers don't need), then they
start blaming each other. So, classic. They just
can't execute in this low margin biz.

I heard they have or had an ethernet switching
strategy, but their custom switch fabric is just
way too expensive.

As for the storage, Scott is experimenting with
this non-direct spin-in thing with xsigo, which
is led by former engr VP at J. It remains to be
seen if it will get any traction.
yhza 12/5/2012 | 2:54:58 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging The 7450 is a stripped down version of the 7750. It can do everything the 7750 does except BGP, so no IP-VPN. It also lacks the NSR HA feature. Price per port is reasonably OK.

Juniper needs to wake up before itGÇÖs too late. They need a ME optimized box and it has to be cheap. Last time I checked, the list price of a GigE port on an M series box was 19K. You can get a 16 port GigE on the 7600 for less than 15K (list price).

canadian 12/5/2012 | 2:54:58 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging Is the 7450 from Alcatel a derivative of the Timetra systems?

OR is it a new system altogether?

And why is SBC using it for their IPTV rollouts instead of a similar box from Extreme/Floundry/etc.?

What's so unique about this system?
canadian 12/5/2012 | 2:54:58 AM
re: Juniper's Ethernet Strategy Emerging So, is it a new box or isn't it? Sounds like it is, but then again, sounds like it may not be...?

Is it targeted for the Enterprise, or is it targeted for the Metro?

Why do JNPR think they can sell these boxes by touting QoS and VPLS? Everybody else does those already?
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