manass732 12/5/2012 | 5:18:42 PM
re: Juniper Struggles Continue Past Q3

It was a very funny how Kevin talked about their plans to support SDN. Most customers do not seem to care about Openflow as much as they seem to care about SDN. Basically, how are networking vendors going to make their life simpler from manageability and customizability point of view. Openflow does not help with either of that, its the SDN architecture that helps with all of that. 

To top it all - is Juniper's strategy to be controlled by a brain of some of other "controller" vendor. They must have their current brain also being controlled by some 3rd party controller that is leading them down this flow/path ;)

For crying out loud, even a loser company like HP has announced its own controller. 


torivar 12/5/2012 | 5:18:41 PM
re: Juniper Struggles Continue Past Q3

Juniper somewhat opened up their own hardware years ago for folks to take advantage of through APIs and partner programs.&nbsp; No one really took them up on it though except for Google and even they didn't really do much with it.&nbsp;&nbsp; I think Juniper has been ahead of the game with regards to the opening up of the forwarding plane with alternative control planes.&nbsp;

Juniper is smart to wait until standards emerge for the more elaborate control functions and if things like overlay networking are built into that.&nbsp;&nbsp; SDN is still at its infancy, why spend all the resources to build something right now, it doesn't really make much sense.&nbsp;

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 5:18:41 PM
re: Juniper Struggles Continue Past Q3

You're right that most customers don't have many OpenFlow plans. I think they're all asking about it, but that's about it.

The real pressure on Kevin Johnson would probably be coming from investors. Customers are curious about what SDN will eventually mean, but my perception is that investors are feverish about it.

Regarding the controller: A lot of people think there'll be a mix of controllers; you'll buy them separately from the switches/routers the way that you (used to) buy servers separately from them.

Juniper is a believer in open-source controllers.&nbsp; They'd come from a variety of sources, and it wouldn't surprise me if they have one of their own in the works. I've got some notes on this that I'll have to elaborate on soon.

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