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dadofamunky 12/5/2012 | 2:29:12 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen "Everyone knows....?" Since when were you appointed Mayor? How do you know this? Or does "everyone" know that too?

Obviously cash flow is important. However, supposedly Juniper has over 1B cash in the bank and this is on their balance sheet. I wouldn't buy their stock until their P/E became a rational value, but I still give them credit for staying in the game.

Yep, LIGHT is cheapest all right. Just ask all the optical carriers who ate S*$# after building out their huge networks that never got lit. Remember Enron Intelligent Network?

Who cares if it's better? Does it generate revenue? Out there in the real world, no it doesn't. Maybe in 10 years.

I never heard of a company called Synaptic. ;-)

Everyone knows that juniper isn't making any
real money. Its all just trickery and full
earnings statements while there isn't any real
money in the bank to back it up. For all
Juniper talks, there isn't any real money to
show for it. Real money (not earnings) is
what matters in the case of juniper.

Everyone knows that Unisphere has been a disaster.
andropat 12/5/2012 | 2:29:12 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen FW23,

You poor guy! How much have you lost by the way in the market? Did Juniper tanking a couple years back put you in bankruptcy?

What you speak is complete non-sense! I got a great book for you to read...Interconnections..Bridges and Routers. Read that and then you have the permission to post again.

fw23 12/5/2012 | 2:29:11 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen
Don't fall for the trickery. Juniper is in
debt. Everyone who is paying attention to the
company knows this. There is lots of concern
among those ___In__the__know___ that an enron
style crisis could be lurking among the trickery
on the books at Juniper.

Enron didn't build an ALL-OPTICAL network. Enron
was trying to SELL things it had not built. We
should avoid confusing something that was SOLD
during the boom years with networks that were

Those who have studied the issues and watch
the stocks know that LIGHT based networks are
more ECONOMICAL to BUILD and much less expensive
to OPERATE than legacy electric networks.
Broadwing has PROVED this TIME AND AGAIN.

But then again, there are always the doubters
and the bashers. The people who walked away
from Elon & paypal to invest in dot-BOMBs and
who would not know a real opportunity if it
hit over the head with a light beam.

fw23 12/5/2012 | 2:29:11 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen
Hey guy,

I don't know what your problem is this time.
I think that Juniper made a great move this
time and that its probably the best thing to
happen to Juniper in a long time.

You get upset when I say bad things about
Juniper and you seem now to get upset when
I say good things about them.

There is just no pleasing some people.

But anyway, best wishes for everyone at Juniper.
With Procket falling apart, you guys have caught
a major break. This deal was five steps in the
right direction, but Juniper still needs to make
a major course-correction in terms of the
awareness issues that HEAVY READING found.

But now that Procket is off their backs, if
scott can be convinced, a course-correction
is possible now that will get the company
making real money.
Indy_lite 12/5/2012 | 2:29:11 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen - it is a all stock deal, Juniper must think its stock is becoming pricy to give such a premium for Netscreen. Remeber Juniper raised a lot of cash the past year for possible acq, but chose not to use any cash.

- This deal may spell trouble for FDRY, EXTR. Juniper is seriously entering the enterprise business. They could have acq'ed FDRY/EXTR and add more security features to the Ethernet switch; or they can buy Netscreen and evolve into a Ethernet switch with security features. Which way is easier ? Juniper chose the later, and it makes sense. Don't be surprised JNPR announces enterprise Ethernet switch soon (with JunOS and NetOS merged).

- How can FDRY and EXTR fight back?

DocGonzo 12/5/2012 | 2:29:10 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen Beo:

Actually, I just liked the term ALL-OPTICAL; it sounds so futuristic! Everything is right in the universe now that Juniper is on the mend and Procket is out of the way. Tonight I will sleep the deep sleep of kings (and without counting photons) secure with today's revelation that the future is NOW.

fw23 12/5/2012 | 2:29:10 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen Foundry and Extreme need to get bigger. They
need to find really large international partners
who can help them fight off juniper. They
can bring internet know-how into the ivory
towers of the big equipment players.

Extreme is a natural partner for Lucent.

Foundry should partner with either Alcatel or
Nortel. Their technology is a better fit with
alcatel, but their culture will fit better
inside Nortel. The one who doesn't go after
Foundry should go after Riverstone or Force10.

Both deals should be structured so that
Lucent/Nortel give Extreme and Foundry the money
they need to build a super-router to replace
their partnerships with Juniper while they
sell ethernet switches to keep juniper from
gaining ground in that area.

Many will be asking: "What about procket!?!?!!"
While procket would have been top of the list
for Nortel and Lucent a few weeks ago, for
reasons which should be BLOODY OBVIOUS the
sheen and luster are off procket.

dash_riprock 12/5/2012 | 2:29:09 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen think this is a very interesting move for JNPR. Cisco is actually quite confused in security. This is Juniper's one opportunity to really get into enterprise (other than buying Foundry, Force10 or Extreme), and they took it.

18 months ago JNPR purchased the Nexsi IP and hired some of the key engineers. I guess nothing came of that.

The entry barrier to scale in the firewall business is not as high as in high end switch/routing. Its far easier to build a firewall than a 10G switch router ( just ask Procket/Force 10)
The Wellfleet/synoptics merger theoretically had a lot of synergy. It was geography and maybe culture clash which resulted in the still born Bay.
This Netscreen acquisition does not have the same kind of synergy. The money would have better spent on Force 10 or maybe even Extreme as you point out.

green 12/5/2012 | 2:29:09 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen hi,

yes it is synoptics.(sorry for the sloppy post). thanks for correcting me Scott..

here is a good background on the wellfleet/synoptics/nortel story. in the interview Paul Severino, founder of wellfleet, talks about the synoptics/nortel mergers..


interesting to read that cisco also made a 4billion dollar blunder with Stratacom.

LR, how about a article about past big mergers and their success/failure stories ? that will put this jnpr/netscreen merger in perspective ??
wilecoyote 12/5/2012 | 2:29:08 AM
re: Juniper Buys NetScreen Heard today that Juniper is buying Extreme, so that explains a lot. The question is, how diluted is JNPR now? Extreme will be a billion dollar acquisition. Can JNPR swallow that? What was Netscreen's cash position?

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