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lastmile 12/4/2012 | 10:02:04 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Mr. Mutt,
Reference to my Msg#7.
A stand alone entity with even the best/latest product will need support from the big players to survive in todays market.
Companies with deep pockets such as JDSU/INTC/CSCO, will grab the new players in a jiffy.
Then again another player with a bigger pocket might grab JDSU.
Who Knows!
H-Burger 12/4/2012 | 10:02:03 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process I saw that article on Infinera, the Red Herring reporters are pretty hubristic in my opinion and not very insightful on technology. The idea is interesting anyway and I think that they use InP not LiNo3. Is it correct that the problem with both these compunds is that they are not polarization independent and therefore not too useful for real world applications?

I would agree that their strategy of go it alone is pretty dangerous and partnering with some big guys seems to make more sense in this environment.
Belzebutt 12/4/2012 | 10:02:01 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Just compare with the packaging involved in making a CD reading head, which also involves pointing a laser beam with sub-micron precision. That's now done just for a few bucks. A basic thin film device still costs in the $100 range.

CD Players have had the benefit of 23 years on the market and economies of scale from hundreds of millions of consumers buying several units every few years.

I don't think optical components even begin to reach the same economies of scale.

I don't think you can point at lack of innovation when you compare with old consumer electronics. Clearly CDs have been marketed longer, are aimed at consumers so they MUST be cheaper, and sell more units.
Bongiorno 12/4/2012 | 10:02:01 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Integration
there are several possible integration technologies
Infinera was mentioned but also a dutch start up
threefive photonics (who have an integrated demuxed reciever already anounced)
the good thing with InP is it's refractive index meaning small chips and the possibility of integrating actives, the problem is that InP is a bitch to process
Other choices are silica (scion/JDSU) low loss but can't integrate actives and attenuators (thermo/optic) are slow
Silicon (Bookham Technology)
advantages is that the processing is well known and some integration (fast VOA's and monitors is possible) has high intrinsic loss and large chips
Polymer (lightwave microsystems)
Can get the correct loss etc, no direct integration of actives and continuing doubts about reliability
Which one is the killler technology ?????
Pauline Rigby 12/4/2012 | 10:01:59 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Good question, H-Burger. (For those who didn't see it, he asked if anyone had seen anything really interesting in integration out there).

I've come across some interesting sounding products from companies like ThreeFive Photonics, and InPlane Photonics. These companies have provided details, unlike Infinera, which is still super-stealthy (see Light Reading's take on Infinera at http://staging.lightreading.co.... If anyone can think of any other fine examples of highly integrated products, then please e-mail me, as we're thinking of doing a short report on this topic.

The interesting products seem to be there. I see the problem as one of execution. The semiconductor industry relies on huge volumes to make things cheap. Is anyone ever going to need volumes of optical components at the same sort of level.

After all, there are only so many opportunities for optical add-drop muxes or tunable dispersion compensators in the world.

And the other thing, of course, is that if such demand existed, could companies produce optical circuits reliably and with high yields?

[email protected]
Touch 12/4/2012 | 10:01:58 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Optical integration is only meaningful (IMO)when one can generate, process and detect light in the material system. According to these criterea (my own), there are few candidates.

One can make attenuators, demultiplexers, and add/drop multiplexers in silica-on-silicon, but one must use semiconductor lasers and detectors in a hybridization process if one wants to generate and detect the light.

The same goes for optical polymers and Bookham's ASOC process.

Lithium Niobate is good for modulators and switches. Some folks have tried to put rare earth ions in LiNbO3 to make lasers, but the emission properties are far from ideal.

True photonic integration must be based on semiconductors that can emit, detect and modulate (i.e. 10 Gb/s) light at the "telecom wavelengths" of 1.3 and 1.55 um.

That seems to leave GaAs (and its alloys with In, Sb and perhaps N) and InP (and its related alloys).

Yes, these materials are difficult to grow and process. Yes, people have been saying that these material systems are the preferred solution for years.

Photonic integration will only become widespread when the technology is sufficiently advanced so that it can deliver cost-effective functions that cannot be achieved with other technologies (or cobbled together by hand in a module).

Oh, did I say that there has to be a real customer and some demand?

Mr. Mutt 12/4/2012 | 10:01:54 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process LM,

While JDSU makes some of their own components, they do depend on others for some of their devices within their systems.

Infinera will make some of their components as well, which is supposedly their secret sauce. We'll see...
Mr. Mutt 12/4/2012 | 10:01:54 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process I believe you're right on the InP, not sure on the polarization properties of each (not my speciality).

deadwood 12/4/2012 | 10:01:53 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process Everyone has his/her opinion as to what and why things went wrong and JDSU is and was this and that and could/would/should have done this and that and that 90% of the readers of Lightreading posters on the message board are "qualified engineers with successful academic and practical experience with valuable contribution and bla bla. You all like to read your own damn wirting like those from SDL and ETEK who made a lot of money for little brain, brag about themselves even in dream and while shitting in toilet praising how "smartass"they are compared to those other losers.
Well, all those smarts of Ex-SDL, ETEK with no or little expertise disappered. These guys who had heard a few terms, acronyms, abbreviations during their stint at JDSU and in optics started throwing these terms around loudly in their daily yaking and started another company, VC funds and called themnselves leaders, heros, hotshots.
Well their smarts is completely washed off and sitting like so called "losers" and do not have money to donate to Olympic games of charity balls and so on.

And talking about the state of gllomy affairs at JDSU and at various firms started by those "successful ones" who got money from high-flying JDSU stocks, do you know the real reason for the current state of the economy?

It is the weather, honey. The weather caused the rail track to twist, that led to train derailment that led to people not being able to go to Washington with their money to donate to senators and reps who were about to pass the law that would not have made it illegal for the stock prices, especially that of JDSU, to go down. Once the price goes up, it can only stay there and not come down. In return, JDSU was to donate money to their two favorite parties -- Republicans and democrates -- no one else. The reason for this as is being roumered in private circles of the "smart and successful" ex-JDSU's was that these guys are now looking dum(b) when the stock price is down and telecom sector is dying and they are losing money. So the 2 parties agreed not to allow the stock prices to go down and if it did, the employees and shareholders wouls punich them and take their 401K away to compensate for their loss in (lack of )performance bonus and so on. In return, the parties, D and R will get a total of $10 billion for the next election. It was also agreed among the Rs and the Ds and the "Smarts" that the next US President will definitely be an Optical guy with a start-up experience, successful startup experience is OK, failed startup experience is a must. Creative accounting experience will be an added qualification. Must be able to count up to 5, including able to take 5th amendment, have a mension in Florida, and must support option as option and not expense. If the guy does not have optical education and experience, the position of the PResident of the US will be moved to China and the Ds and Rs have agreed to support this view. The VP will have software experinece, must be able to code in the new language, "C Option". The candidate must be of Indian origin or else the position will be moved to India, specifically to Chennai, as agreed. All ExJDSU,s hwo have started VC firms have agreed to fund both of these positions up to $10 billion for 85% of the exclusive ownership of the US land, banks and NASDAQ and NYSE. It was agreed that no one will ever, ever question the qualifications and the background of the VCs and whether or not they can read, write or spell. The VCs will have right not to visit their companies and the US senate or the house but still be able to make comments on the performance of the US President and VP, in English language and if the P and VP do not know English language, it is not VCs problems. VC's must get 5000% return every year for the next infinity years for supporting P and VPs office in China and India.
VC's will have the right to fire P and the VP for any reason, particularly, if they demand independence from the VCs.

By now evryone should know, our VC's are intelligent, smart, knowledgeable, busy ( that is how come they cannot visit the companies or understand one bit what the heck they do for all this money for so long). Please note VC's are NOT LOSERS, THEY ARE SIMPLY NOT. SO no more blaming VCs for funding so many optics component companies even when they did not know crap about optics, networking, XML, IP, ATM MPLS, Gig, RPR... These things are minor details and VCs neither have lexicons nor ability to understand these things. So please stop it. STOP it. Now I say stop this blame game. You all employees, especially engineers must take the blame for ruining the economy for not spending all your momney and for bringing VCs stock price down.
Go away............
lastmile 12/4/2012 | 10:01:52 PM
re: JDSU's Rationalization Process deadwood,
It is always easy to find fault with someone and everyone when things don't do your way.
The discussion on this topic concerns JDSU in general and fiber optic technology in particular because this company deals in fiber technology and nothing else.
Every compapany that I know about is influenced by the local politics in some way or the other.
Your message will be a good fit in a political journal/magazine.
90% of the readers of Lightreading posters on the message board are "qualified engineers" with successful academic and practical experience with valuable contribution.
And this is not bla bla bla.
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