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Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 5:45:42 PM
re: Is There More to Juniper's Earnings Miss?

&gt; I think he's onto something here with his JNPR call but is there a single stock he doesn't have a Sell Short rating on?

ha!&nbsp; Well, I think he's got a Hold on Brocade, and he likes Emcore due to tunable XFPs, IIRC.&nbsp;

obaut 12/5/2012 | 5:45:41 PM
re: Is There More to Juniper's Earnings Miss?

The CDN 'network by-pass' is bit of a myth. The original content still needs to be distributed from various sources to multiple storage cites, and the content is increasingly dynamic/realtime/interactive. So even with caching, the absolute volume of network capacity needed for carrier CDN purposes will likely continue to grow (so long as there is a profitable business case for it). For high data volume content, L3 routed CDN is not likely the best choice; L1/0 core CDN is likely more cost-efficient.

The L2-0 'packet-optical' router by-pass is a viable alternative to L3 routing inside any given service provider's network (ie core routers are really needed only at network provider AD boundaries).

But are there any actual *pure-play* L2/1/0 systems that avoid the complexities and costs of L3 IP/MPLS routing while providing same or better capacity efficiency (ie capability to make as good as or better packet forwarding decisions within the provider's network domain, as L3 routers would)?

Are there such streamlined MPLS-TP switches?&nbsp;

And speaking of 'packet-optical', is there anything on such L2-0 systems that make their packet switching and 'optical' (or more likely, digital) transport layers function more optimally together?

If/once such pure-play MPLS-TP switch+transport mux systems are available to the network operators, yes, these should be more cost efficient core network technology than L3 IP/MPLS routers (whether such L3 routers provide L2-0 by-pass capability or require separate transport muxes).

Also, such below-L3 networks based on MPLS-TP and packet-optical optimization should provide a highly effective way to deliver direct enterprise networks and third party content/application delivery networks as wholesale offerings.

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