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lightreader 12/4/2012 | 9:03:07 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? hmmm..seems like sorrento folks wrote the
policy control spec for the ODSI framework...
a SYCAMORE launched initiative...so much for
the mindset issue.....this is part of the
ODSI standard now....
Techhead 12/4/2012 | 9:03:04 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? Glad to see that you are beginning to see the "Light" of Sorrentos' merits. Major companies have noticed them and that is a trend I expect to continue. You are to be applauded for showing that you can report the "good" as well as the "bad" (even though the bad was never proven, only personal opinion). Keep up the reviews of this company...this really got your name out in the public! Let's hope the switch mentioned in the previous posts is as good as everyone thinks. Any ideas who is testing it? The Terabeam news is certianly welcome. Any more news about it?
pingu 12/4/2012 | 9:03:03 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? I'm curious to learn what's not to like about Sorrento's metro DWDM products. I would also like to hear anyone's thoughts on the growth of metro DWDM over the next 3-5 years.

I read an article in 123jump.com discussing lasers which implied that there will be very strong growth in metro DWDM:


Here are the relevant excerpts, with my emphasis in all caps:

"The prime argument pointing to 2001 as the beginning of a significant upG혀trend in the market for lasers is not only the continued buildG혀out of longG혀haul and submarine networks G혀 thus far the predominant reason for investing in SDL Inc. G혀 but also AN EXPECTED BREAKTHROUGH OF DWDM TO THE METRO-NET LEVEL.

Due to the high cost of DWDM gear, and the time consuming SONet configuration process, metro DWDM spending has been limited. ECONOMIES ARE NOW TILTING VERY MUCH IN FAVOR OF DWDM AS BEING THE MEDIUM FOR METRO-FIBER CAPACITY EXPANSION.

The figures relating to 'lit' and 'unlit' fiber could be misleading indicators of whether or not capacity demands require DWDM as a pervasive standard in metro rings. Unlit fiber, or excess capacity, isn't always in the place where capacity is required. Certain metro routes are saturated G혀 regardless of whether Ameritech or SBC have 'lit' less than 20% of their fiber.

Implications for the local access provider have become clear: in comparison with the alternatives for boosting capacity on crowded routes, DWDM REPRESENTS A SIGNIFICANT COST ADVANTAGE."

Thanks and regards,
Techhead 12/4/2012 | 9:03:01 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? The Dell'Oro group and RHK think spending is about to move up significantly (in metro DWDM). As to what is not to like about Sorrentos' equipment, I am not the person to ask, nor is AT&T, UPC, INRANGE, COX, Duetche Telecom, Time Warner, Southern Calif Edison, TXU Communications RWSO, Pontio or Progress TeleCOM! They all use the stuff!
Kaarthavarayan 12/4/2012 | 7:15:55 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? I think you folks are being too negative about Sorrento. If they were the turd you make them out to be how come AT&T Broadband, Cox Communications, Terabeam (rumored), UPC, Inrange, and others would trust them with their core and access networks?

You guys seem to put too much weightage on the power games and the flimflamglam of this industry. Remember jocks from High School rarely become CEOs, surely not Bill Gates, and the prom queens do not exactly become famous and successful either. So try to be a little less superficial por favor.

Sorrento is valuable bcos they have a product that does not conflict with anyone's architecture and that is upgradeable in the future without having to tear everything down. The cable guys are going to be pretty decent customers from 2001 onwards since they will get their finances in order for the expansion.

Cisco smartly is preparing for this, Nortel seems to be on the alert too. But Sorrento definitely was the first to get their business. They would benefit from having a larger partner so they can keep the customers from getting taken by the competition with bigger bucks.

It would help a Sycamore or Lucent or Nortel to buy a good Metro Optical Networking company which is well suited for an all-optical next gen network. Sorrento with their Gigamux and soon to be released Teramatrix is well positioned to do exactly that. If Lucent is smart they will pick Terayon for cheap and get into the CMTS end of things and Sorrento and get into the Metro ON end of things. After that, it is up to them to grow that base into a credible, inter-operable, Mesh Networks that pretty much spans both costs in the US, and all of Europe without Ultra-Long-Haul in 80% of the network. The latter will be used in specific segments where the distances are meaningful.

The ULH guys were valued in the 3-4 billions, but the Metro guys with their passive device will have a HUGE market in the core, access and Enterprise. So the value is there, only the myopics have yet to put their glasses on and see it. They will soon and will sing a different tune.

FWIW, Sorrento's management past is checkered to say the least, but companies sell products not managers, so I cannot complain as long as they are selling products and growing. I expect to see articles from everyone soon about how having Managers and big names alone are not enough, we need revenues, sales growth, etc... This is already happening in the dotcom world, it will come here too... We will be watching.
KathrineHarris 12/4/2012 | 7:15:55 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? Lightreading....be specific about your sources...
KathrineHarris 12/4/2012 | 7:15:55 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? HLIT is, STLW is.

Now is time to add a Metro DWDM player.

Steve Saunders 12/4/2012 | 7:15:53 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? yes, I noticed that also. Scott Raynovich, who runs the LR index, is going to pop in later and tell us why they are not listed.

Steve Saunders 12/4/2012 | 7:15:53 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? Are you reading the same article as me?

I thought the tone of the article was positive.

Steve Saunders 12/4/2012 | 7:15:53 PM
re: Is Sycamore Sniffing Around Sorrento? We occasionally need to protect our sources. Providing anonymity for our sources, where appropriate and warranted, has allowed us to break the stories about the LU/Chromatis, Sycamore/Sirocco, and Ciena/Cyras acquisitions.

We're not planning to change this policy.

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