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whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:59:18 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers E-up, podna.

Only mention of profit in the webcast:

"Management believes that Adjusted OIBDA and communications adjusted OIBDA margins are relevant and useful metrics to provide to investors as they are an important part of the companies internal reporting and are indicators of profitability and performance...."

>> If you smoke it, why not buy and sell it?

teddybear 12/5/2012 | 3:59:12 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers You must be running Windows Media. I read the time off RealPlayer. Somehow both players do not show the same time.

bhafiz 12/5/2012 | 3:57:11 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers With $100M in revenues, and not in the black, how and when can a company like Infinera reach profitability? With a few acquisitions and heavy VC hitters, one could surmize hype on the part of the backers. Looks to me management is devising ways to survive (or rateh rprolong the agony) while rightfully so invest and expand technical capabilities. Any one?
bhafiz 12/5/2012 | 3:57:11 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers LONDON GÇö Optical networking chip specialist Infinera has bought Big Bear Networks' electronic dispersion compensation assets, including intellectual property, for communications networks.
Financial terms were not disclosed.

The move signals the end of Big Bear since last week Finisar Corp. acquired the 10 and 40Gbit/s transponders business for $1.9 million in cash.

Founded in 2000, Big Bear (Milpitas, Calif.) raised more than $70 million in three rounds of venture capital and private placements by Agilent Technologies and other investors.

Infinera already uses Big Bear's electronic dispersion compensation solutions in its DTN system, so is seen as a good fit for the optoelectronics-to-systems group.

Electronic dispersion compensation is one of the key features of the Infinera DTN system, and the company says future versions of Big Bear's dispersion compensation solutions will be developed at Infinera and integrated into Infinera ASICs. "We have been working with Big Bear for quite some time. We brought their technology in-house because it complements many of the features and functionality our ASIC team has developed," said Dave Welch, Infinera Chief Strategy Officer.

"In addition to developing the first large-scale photonic integrated circuits ever deployed in telecom networks, we have been aggressively developing silicon-based integrated circuits to fully exploit the space, power, and reliability benefits of increased integration offered by Digital Optical Networking."

Big Bear Networks produced and marketed its electronic dispersion compensation solutions in IC form and in transponder form for both the carrier and enterprise markets.

But Infinera said its has sold the assets relating to dispersion compensation for multimode fiber transceivers, used
whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:57:10 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers If anyone, and I mean anyone, valued the IP from BB, they could have out-bid Infinera, easily. This is just old-style valuation formula for next round stuff.

Good luck Dave.

optiplayer 12/5/2012 | 3:57:02 AM
re: Infinera Numerates Its Numbers They have a $100M "run rate" which means they just achieved their first $25M quarter it does not mean they have "$100M in revenues". To become profitable, they need to continue to increase revenue q/q which would likely improve gross margin (via manufacturing efficiencies) and operating profit (via operating efficiency - i.e. spread the cost of market, R&D etc across more revenue).

Of course, the biggest thing they need is more customers.
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