socketz 12/4/2012 | 7:57:41 PM
re: Infineon Touts 40-Gig Chips "Single chips that address this application are just about to hit the market ..."

Correction. Already have hit and are lighting up the channel as we speak.

Try Broadcom's BCM8501 - 9.953 STS-192/STM-64 POS/ATM Framer and Mapper. Pure CMOS with total power consumption just over two watts !

Not enough. They also recently released a 10 Gig G.709 transport wrapper device with integrated STS-192/STM-64 transceiver, the BCM8511.

AutoDog 12/4/2012 | 7:57:26 PM
re: Infineon Touts 40-Gig Chips socketz,

You're comparing apples & oranges. The Broadcom devices you cited address a different market segment. The Inifineon/AMCC devices referenced perform "pointer processing" at the 10G level... the Broadcom devices do not.

The difference is subtle, but the Infineon/AMCC devices are really quite different in function from the Broadcom 85xx parts.

Think of the Inifineon device as a "four-pack" of the AMCC apple. The Broadcoms are still oranges.
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