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Balet 12/5/2012 | 1:21:27 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper watcher10 wrote: You were obviously educated in China.

Yes, I am obviously educated in China, which is next to Estonia and Finland (about an 1.5 hr drive from each). I hope it answer your geography interest.

About nuclear power, I though we were talking about telecom. From my personal experience, first idea exchange between China (where I was educated in fiber optics) and Russia in fiber optics area restarted around 1986.
I know a few chinese who studied in USSR in late 50s-early 60s. I don't know any chinese who had anything to do with USSR starting from late early 60s, during Kruschev's last years and early Berzhnev's era. Do you?
watcher10 12/5/2012 | 1:21:27 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper My comments were a followup to something PGM
wrote. They were not directed at you (Balet).
lightbay 12/5/2012 | 1:21:24 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper 80 years ago, the US copied all technology from Europe. 60 years ago Japan copied everything from the west. 20 years ago Korea copied everything from Japan.

At the beginning, it was compaints, but once they made it to the top of the game, people would accept the fact. and try to pick up the next one.

Do you think the Africans can start inventing from scratch, beginning from Newton's law, or is this necessary ? European countries copied from each other all the time, otherwise, how could the Germans surpass Brits in a short time ?

Someday, the fact is before you could invent anything, you spend 6+6+4 years absorbing. Or a few more years counting graduate school.

BTW, the Soviet helped kick start CHina's nuclear program during 59-60, then China did its own to finish it in 66. I am not saying the Russian help was not important, it was important just like your elementary school education is important. But when China did its hydrogen bomb during 67-71, can you still say they stole it from Soviet ? no, they got enough experience and done it on its own (part of the reason is the Soviet help to kick start the program).
greyhair 12/5/2012 | 1:21:23 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper "I'm amazed at the fact that nobody can spell correctly on this board"

I wonder if it is a common trend among telecom people, not just this board:)


It is an outgrowth of the IRC culture.

Hey LightReading, can't you add a spell check
application to your article post software? My web based mail client supports spell check/correction.

I guess all these optical networking based companies are trying to conserve cash any way they can....
greyhair 12/5/2012 | 1:21:23 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper > 80 years ago, the US copied all technology from Europe.

I think not. Possibly 180 years ago, but by 1924, the USA was quite self sufficient, to the point of being isolationist. The horrors of WWI were still fresh in the nations memory and separation from old Europe was seen as the only way to avoid being caught up in future conflicts.

The USA had far surpassed the rest of the world in manufacturing technology by the early 1900s (led by Henry Ford). The rest of the world was still using craft based manufacturing techniques to a large extent.

You can argue the merits of quality and so on and the effects of resource consumption, but mass production brought items like cars, tractors, and appliances to the common person at a price that the common person could afford.
got_light 12/5/2012 | 1:21:21 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper Agreed that the US did not steal the technology from Western Europe 60-70 years back.

Agreed that the US led the mass production thanks to Assembly-line from Ford.

Agreed that America rarely produces mass-produced goods of exceptional (or even superior quality).

Agreed that America now rules roost in the Optical Networking and lags by a decade or so in Wireless!!.

Agreed taht America manages to push its businesses into other nations (including to its ancestral Europe).

But why does America steal IPR from developing countires, especially in the Biotech sector?

Do you guys know the US tried to file patents for a special variety of Rice grown for thousands of years in India (called Basmati) and named it Texmati (of cource by a company in Houston). They filed patents for several other natural herbs traditionally grown in India, China and other countries. Then they'd convince the WTO to stop these countries produce the herbs and plants because some American company has the IPR for a gene that makes these natural plants medicainal.

BS and more BS. This is what America will try to do in Telecom. May not be with China (I am not sure I can trust this country, I can explain that later) but with others form countries like India, Japan, Russia. In a decade from now, we'll find companies like CSCO filing for patents for already existing products from these countries' Telecom companies. But by that time, the markets in India and China would be so large that even WTO can't do shit for US to make these countreis bullied. you get it? all this stealing allegations will someday become pointless because, neither companies like CSCO can affrod to piss off their lone highvalued markets nor that such whinings make any impact in international law. So keep making the money West! The Sun is about set becasue the Asian markets will flourish, partly because counntries like India do not participate in Violent and imperial movements like the middle-east/pakistan and of course Uncle Sam (Countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc are your country's Terro allies right?)
brahmos 12/5/2012 | 1:21:17 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper heres some background on US biopiracy.

brahmos 12/5/2012 | 1:21:17 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper stealing biological stuff/traditiontal knowledge from
developing countries, patenting it and enforcing these patents to extract $$ for packaged products is a old tactic used by the developed world. it is well documented and many cases have been caught.

wrt india - basmati rice, neem, turmeric, many other herbs and last I heard someone was trying to patent chapatti making. India atleast is aware of
the issue though not having much money to fight
lawsuits there are other countries esp. in africa
and s.america without the resources to defend their interests.

It cannot ofcourse stop indians from continuing to use them, but when some indian co tries to sell packaged stuff abroad the wolves await to pounce.

brahmos 12/5/2012 | 1:21:13 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper seeking morality is a losing pastime in dealings between nations and MNCs. It is a valid expectation in inter-personal dealings.

"Rules" are always made to favour whoever is the top dog of the day. others fall in line to curry favour or try to circumvent any way they can.

At the moment, all the "rules" are stacked in favour of the West, so it doesnt surprise me that emerging nations will seek to change the rules whether it be generic drugs in India or a new DVD standard in China.

NOBODY is going to help emerging nations reach the
top, least of all those who are already at the summit and enjoying the benefits.
lightbay 12/5/2012 | 1:20:59 AM
re: Huawei Fires Supercomm Snooper I think if the USA just copy Basmati, it is fine. The problem is they are trying to patent it and thus trying to monopolize its use.

This is extended tradition from the UK, who thought everything in India belong to them.

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