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techoriginol 12/4/2012 | 11:54:15 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder For all effective purposes the bulk of Zhone's development people have been shown the door. This is
from a company that claims to be the "first mile
solution". True, Zhone has labs full of aging MALC
ad Nortel access equipment but they have no one left
to touch the stuff - unless Mory and his sidekick
Jeanette can do it (hark hark).
RoutedWorld 12/4/2012 | 11:54:10 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder
> jvincent sounds cold blooded.

Do you guy's really think that anyone likes being a manager now? And at a startup?

JV:"Oh yea, LR, I loved letting everyone go last year, best thing I ever did. Made me feel huge. I think it even made my hair grow even thicker. It's even more rewarding when they followed me to SA and I know it will be at least a year before most of them find new jobs and for far less pay."

I don't think so. How many of us have let go teams that took years to build? Not even for a nice thick head of hair again,..., sorry, had to think about that again just for a minute :)

> Now, dcarr, put your hand on your heart and
> tell me, are you proud of what management team
> did to SA's stuff ?

I'm sure he's just as proud as you are for the posts that you put on LR. I do find them to be very entertaining. Like a lot things out of marketing people.


Thanks for taking the time to reply and it's nice to see that you are still alive (even if it is on life support, like everywhere else). It's so funny (in a said way) to see people beat-up on a startup. I remember a time when people would cheer for the little guy trying to make it. Or at least not rub his face in the dirt every week.

packersims 12/4/2012 | 11:54:02 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder Fair enough, those managers did not know what would happen in the future. But this does not give them excuses to forget what already happened in the past, their promises. When the ship is sinking, what did the promise of " we are on the same boat" go ? Did JV remember his own words when he took his team out of NT?
misterlaser 12/4/2012 | 11:51:22 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder Hey, I resent the implication that John "took his tea m out of NT". A few team members walked, they were not pulled, I chose to stay.

And, speaking a someone who has sat on John's "couch in a D-level cube", if his chocolate jar is still there, I believe him.

mc2 12/4/2012 | 11:40:02 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder I heard the highly touted VP of Engineering at Zhone has left the company. He came well-healed from DSC/Alcatel. From the website, it appears Jeanette has taken over engineering (again).

Has this company EVER secured a significant customer win? All indications are that this company and their $500M are on the way down the drain.
I don't think Jeanette ever relenquished control of engineering, so she couldn't really be taking it back. It doesn't sound like much has changed since the engineering VP was canned. I am told he was not very technical and was providing little value at the time he was released. This was probably a move to save money as I imagine he was highly compensated. It looks like one of the senior managers is really running the day-to-day there in engineering.

I think Zhone has basically eliminated all of there VP level positions - can anyone confirm?
mc2 12/4/2012 | 11:36:08 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder It looks like Zhone lost 2 more key engineers. One of them was the chief architect who has been there from day 1. My understanding is he had a run-in with the engineering manager and decided he had enough. Word has it he is not replacable.

The other guy was also a productive long-timer who was told he could no longer telecommute. Don't know why Zhone would not want people working from home. Ascend seemed to encourage work-from-home.

Heard a rumor that Zhone upset a lot of workers recently when they fired an long-timer engineer because he had a heart attack and could no longer work the long hours they wanted. If true, brutal.
lrdr 12/4/2012 | 11:36:07 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder He's been gone a couple of months at least.
lrdr 12/4/2012 | 11:36:07 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder Aaron and Chris are gone?
farmerinthehills 12/4/2012 | 11:36:04 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder no. Mike and Bill
ericidletone 12/4/2012 | 11:36:02 PM
re: Headcount: Memo Minder No, Aaron and Chris remain at Zhone. Mike Weiss,
Bill Gibbons, and Bill Jones are gone missing. Mike was a fundamental architect for the BAN and
MALC lines, and to some extent the ZMS (although I don't think he'd take credit for much of ZMS). Bill Gibbons came on pretty early and did a lot of work on the startup phase of the main code. Bill Jones was in the testing/verification group.
Zhone still has some very strong development folks. Despite these losses, they will continue to develop and deploy some very interesting products. However, they will have some difficulty reusing their code on new platforms without Mike and Bill there to untangle the startup/initialization issues that always arise in such a port, and the Zhone services are very tied to their platform code. As a shareholder (well,
a small one after two 1:10 reverse splits) I certainly hope they continue to pull it through.
As an ex-Zhoner I can certainly sympathize with folks who flee the labs there.
Good luck guys!
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