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opticalwatcher 12/5/2012 | 2:45:58 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? I started a ruckus when I suggested that Cisco buy Procket (an idea brought up when one of Cisco's VPs went to Procket to become CEO)

Cisco originally invested in Procket because it was interested in its high speed packet processor. I'm sure they became upset when Procket decided to build the whole systm. Still isn't this techology still useful? The fact that all the chips have been proven in a system and software has been written makes it even more useful.

I just thought that Procket has some good technology and good engineers. Certainly Cisco could combine what they've developed with HFR with Procket as the best of both in creating an excellent router to meet present and future needs.

I didn't mean to put people on the defensive.

Of course maybe Cisco has already invested too much to change course at this time, even if the technology looks promising. Maybe at least one (former) Cisco VP thought otherwise!

Indy_lite 12/5/2012 | 2:45:50 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? http://news.com.com/2100-1033_...
Indy_lite 12/5/2012 | 2:45:48 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? what is the impact of potential Procket success on Juniper ?
andropat 12/5/2012 | 2:45:45 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? artvanderlay,

Good suggestions. I do hold cisco and jnpr stock but it's irrelevant to my point. The point is that the levels of stock held by the execs at large financial, educational, etc., institutions dwarfes my holdings. Juniper is still relatively yound and volatile while Cisco is a more know entity. Helping cisco has a direct (or could have) a direct impact on their returns.

I could really care less about lack of credibility. I have lived and seen many such deals be lost when all the right decisions were made and at the last waking moment someone up high flips the switch on everything and suddenly cisco wins the deal.

As to talent. I have been fortunate to have and currently work with very very seasoned talented people who never cease to amaze me when they discuss how the true internet was built and all the history. These are the people I believe are no longer at cisco because they weren't given the ability to create something "new" and "better". Cisco is now trying to do so with their next-gen OS and next-gen platform and I simply believe that many who truly can do such a thing have since left for the reasons I have stated above.

Does cisco have talent? Sure. Do I believe it comparable to those at places like juniper, redback, procket, etc.,...No. These are my opinions and the continued slippage of their product is a testament. Do you think Cisco wants or has wanted to delay the release of this product..both s/w and h/w? Not at all in my opinion. There has been serious attrition in these groups and many of these people have left to find homes in again places like procket and juniper.

I guess the market will decide who has the better product when HFR is finally released. Maybe then LR will do another monster router test. If for nothing else it would be a fun thing to see the results.

Hu LeHoop 12/5/2012 | 2:45:38 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? Well duh. If Procket can compete against Juniper the router business will rock. I hope they are going to have a great product and have Cisco and Juniper striving to get their soon-to-be-old customers back!
gotman 12/5/2012 | 2:45:38 AM
re: Has Procket Found a New CEO? Procket will do well if they can get some more trails happening... They need to build up trust in the router market and get real ISP visibility.
I can see them picking up a few more NRN deals in asia.

If they have enough cash to keep them alive for 10-14 month we will see Procket as another viable option. For long term success they will need to have good feature parity with its bigger brothers. I can't see why they can't do it. Customer penetration will be the real issue.

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