opticalPassion 12/5/2012 | 1:10:37 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini http://www1.cs.columbia.edu/~p...

After IBM, no company he worked for more than 2 years ...
ATMRules 12/5/2012 | 1:10:37 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini Look at the competition they have......please put a fork in'em....

ATMRules...MPLS----pipe dreams
ChatEnChapeau 12/5/2012 | 1:10:35 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini Double yawn.

But other than csco, jnpr, ala, and lol, er, I mean Laurel, calling the rest competition is laughable.

-Le Chat Qui Souri
OpticOm 12/5/2012 | 1:10:18 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini I met with those guys two years ago, and truly believe that had no business in starting the company then.
The quality of the people I met was mediocre, at best.
gigeguy 12/5/2012 | 1:10:17 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini Anyone who follows the IETF would know that when Ping presented his dry Martini draft at the last meeting, it landed with an audible thud. It's not going anywhere, at least in the standards community.
pingpan 12/5/2012 | 1:10:15 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini During the meeting, Luca (the real) Martini said the concept was covered in other spec's. He was right! However, dry-martini covers PWE3 over TDM also. The original idea of dry-martini was to emphasis that PWE3 is a flexible application to be used on all "tunnles". We were simply pointing out that you need to use explict-null label to tunnel control messages through.

Also, dry-martini concept has just be proposed in ITU last week by two chip vendors for shipping PWE3 packets over GFP-F.

Outside standard bodies, maybe some carriers should stop getting interested in this. After all, if they run dry-martini on edge of their legacy networks, they can build up a hierarchy to enable them migrating customer traffic to other networks in the future, without changing the existing nodes in the middle. It can save some CapEx and OpEx... Maybe it is not that important.

So, not sure where you get "not going anywhere" from.

- Ping
Ringed? 12/5/2012 | 1:10:15 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini You would think by now, a start up company would be smart enough to realize that money and time (very short)are the only things that truely matter. A start up doesn't have much of either and both run counter to their chances of success.

"High power" execs are mostly over inflated and full of self importance and sometimes blinded by greed, aka fools gold..

A CTO provides little value in a startup unless he is also the VP of Engineering and if that were the case why would you spend $'s for both.

Go with the people who have been in the trenches on development, sustaining, customer service, sales and yes managment.

Manage the precious VC money like it was water and you are lost in the desert. Make timely and well thought out decisions and move like you trying to get back from the moon (Apollo 13 Style).

Hammerhead will have a tough time on many fronts. They will competed in the edge router market with CSCO and JNPR... I wonder who can take the most off a list price discount..?

To enter the Sonet tranport fray is just plan ill advised, seriously lacking judgement and understanding.

Are you also going to be a broadband DLC :) ?

ATMRules 12/5/2012 | 1:10:14 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini and neither will any carrier or service provider who has any sense...according to the HH website they hatched in Jan 2002, we are approximately 2 months from Jan 2005 >> this co will be 3 years old and all they have to show is OEM with Fujitsu???? please.......and who the hell knows what ping pong pang pin badi bin bada boon is going to a this place.....

ATMRules.................oh yeah.....
Bitman 12/5/2012 | 1:10:12 AM
re: Hammerhead Orders Dry Martini The press release also mentions in passing that they have a new vp of sales and that John Yu has left the company. So you have a change of executive management and some key people leaving, and a departure from original focus. Looks like marketing is blaming sales and decided to get rid of one of the founders while they are at it. So they bring in a new person to tell them what the old ones did and then they claim a new vision.....
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