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dave77777 12/4/2012 | 11:25:04 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named If you go back and read the reports about the time Corvis announced their invite, the SAIC's position is made very clear. They said they would not announce when vendors were invited, but that the vendors were quite welcome to do so on their own.

LOL you guys are pretty funny with your cloak-and-dagger conspiracy theories sometimes.
whyiswhy 12/4/2012 | 11:25:04 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named Skeptic, cfaller:

These Huberites are wrought over the very thought that someone has the audacity to say the king has no clothes.

To the rest:

You should be pissed at Huber for blowing his mouth off, leaking anything about the goings on vis-a-vis GIGBE. On a sensitive project, that kind of stuff can cost you the contract, whether it is government or commercial.

It pisses off the customer. Duh.

It was beyond stupid, it was Jackass.

So you are left with either believing he is a Jackass, or he is still the clever lad you believe him to be, in which case he used you like a one night stand, took your money and dumped it into Broadwing.

Which is it? Maybe both?

2dumb4words 12/4/2012 | 11:25:02 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named So what's your take? What are you basing your conclusion that CORV missed out completely on? L-Reading? WS analysts? Press releases who picked up the LR piece and requoted it? Face it there are no credible confirmations of what has been inferred by so many.

Perhaps I am an idiot.. well actually that's established. But perhaps I am wrong here. But lets at least be clear that I am basing my arguments on rational facts... you know the thing that distinguishes us from animals... or perhaps you are simply a monkey in a zoo banging on a keyboard.

Not noing 2 much... the notion that DISA/DoD would buy something cutting/bleeding edge...well... not sure I buy that smart money would believe this 4 long ...i.e. I don't believe CORV had or has a >20% chance... but I do think they would have gotten to the lets take a ride on it stage and if it appeared to be rock solid... they might get a shot (thus my 20% figure)... but I am guessing that CORV would stand a much better shot getting an ARPA contract than a DISA contract

Disclosure... no position in CORV, never had probably never will... don't know DH, his wife, daughter, son, pets, etc... probably never will and am not at all motivated to try to.
whyiswhy 12/4/2012 | 11:25:00 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named Conspiracy theory?

Check out this quote from LR from the time Huber started to blow his mouth off:

It's tough to tell whether these vendors are really out of the running. None of the suppliers listed above is willing to follow Corvis into the limelight by making its RFP status known. Apparently, most want to stay secretive to avoid a face full of egg if things don't work out.
But Corvis seems to think the risk is worth it, though we were unable to ask: Requests for more information on the vendor's press announcement went unanswered.

Followed by their usual hypester analyst:

"I would not be surprised if Corvis got a piece of the contract," says Mark Lutkowitz of consultancy Telecom Pragmatics Inc. He says Corvis's dedication to optical transport may help it against competitors. "This is one time when a bleeding-edge approach may pay off," he notes.

Although I get the egg-on-the-face issue, the more important issue is to avoid pissing off the customer. Which is what my sources tell me was a factor...that and their prices were just too high.

That's right in Hubers lap, no matter how you cut it. And with the analysts comments, it was clearly a well orchestrated attempt to get their message out there.

So you are left with him being a jackass, or you are the girl he dumped at the hotel. Some might say that act would qualify him as a royal jackass.

Conspiracy, no. Well orchestrated media blitz with analyst support? Yes, definitely.

But as always, JMHO


LightBeating 12/4/2012 | 11:25:00 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named cfaller, skeptik,

Don't get me wrong. My point really is that I'm not so much pissed off at LR for publishing the information, that I'm pissed off that they could GET it! Because that means someone could have benefitted from it.

I think this was very different from what you call speculations put forth by management itself. For any publicly traded company, speculation is the name of the game. Traders live on it. You always speculate whether they'll get this contract or that, or earnings will be higher or lower. This is all based on rumors.

What we saw here was much more than speculation. The word was out: Corvis had lost, Sycamore had won, etc. etc. This was not stated as a rumor, but as a fact, despite Phil's later denials (trying to cover his ass...). Just see how the market reacted: over 120 Million shares of Corvis were traded on that news ! I think that's 25% of the float!

Again, LR is not the guilty party here. In fact, they may be unwilling accomplices. Say someone wants to make a buck (or a million), and he's a "Government equipment consultant". Short a bunch of Corv, then leak the news to LR. You can always count on them to publish anything negative about Corvis, after all...

But I agree with Cfaller that Corvis will get over it. I've said not long ago that they would give the equipment business a last chance, and this seems to prove my point, if you look at this morning's news about restructuring.

What we've seen with GigBE is a confirmation of Huber's absolute inability to SELL anything, even the best gear in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if his well-documented arrogance would have led once again to their demise. "Ha! why undercut Ciena when we have the better gear!" I can hear him say. WHY? Because, David, even if you lose money making it, you will lose LESS money than if you sit there paying engineers for doing nothing. And because having GigBE will allow you to sell the equipment business for a few $100M, and move on with the BRW business. That's why, David. Now, swallow your pride!...

CORV's only chance is the broadwing business now, as long as Huber doesn't try to manage it!
shaggy 12/4/2012 | 11:24:59 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named Merciful heavens, one of those telcom analysts is saying the same thing.....


Shall we sue him, too? Oooh my, maybe it's a huge right wing republican conspiracy- i'm sure Bechtel and VP cheney ar involved in this whole scam as well...

One of the key metrics of journalism is to get the story out before anyone else (and hence obtain good, trusted sources)

It seems Phil has excelled in this area, and now all everbody wants to do is crucify the poor bastard. give it a rest, willya?

no, I don't know Phil personally, in fact, the extent of my involvement with LR is drinking copious amounts of their free beer whilst crashing their parties at shows. So call me biased.

For those of you who are making investment decisions via internet chat boards such as this one- please seek professional help- you really need it.

And stop trying to blame others for your misfortunes- I'm sick of this constantly growing trait in American culture that people are always victims- it's always someone else's fault.

dave77777 12/4/2012 | 11:24:57 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named LOL whyiswhy, first you say "Anyone who listens to analysts is a Kool-Aid drinking fool" then you promptly post several analysts' arguments as support for your own.

How does it feel to call yourself a Kool-Aid drinker?
>>>Some might say that act would qualify him as a royal jackass.
I agree.

You also missed the point of the LR article completely. They were talking about being embarassed if the trials didn't work out, not ticking off the customer by violating some NDA. Let me put it in bold this time and see if that helps you understand it: The SAIC stated they would not publicly announce trials, but they did not care if vendors announced the trials themselves.

whyiswhy 12/4/2012 | 11:24:56 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named Let me go really slowly:

1) The point of posting the analyst's remark was to show Huber was orchestrating a major media show, not to show the analyst was right.

2) The analyst was clearly wrong, no?

How is that drinking Kool Aid?

I hope this is a lesson for you on what I call the smell factor. Too many analyst's touting something means stay away: it's orchestrated, whether or not the company is headed up by a loud mouth like Huber.

In fact, most of the time the company CEO has brains enough to remain quiet, but still orchestrate a media blitz. It allows them to appear to be professional AND gives them the plausible deniability angle if it goes under.

As far as SAIC telling companies they could make announcements, its sort of irrelevant, since the point was that nobody else did, or has (officially) for that matter. It's like telegraphing to the competition what to do: it's stupid.

So again, either Huber is either stupid or you have been date raped, to put it in graphic terms.

And that is telling about you, because I am not the first to raise the issues of his intelligence or personality quirks. Yet you and the others wanting to shoot the messenger (Phil) bought his (Hubers) line of bull hook line and sinker.

Who's fault is that?

Sorry, them's the facts.

Now go on and learn from this: character is as good an indicator as any other in business, maybe better than most. Recover what cash you can and head for another investment.


dave77777 12/4/2012 | 11:24:54 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named LOL whyiswhy, don't try to backtrack now. You actually put the LR analysts' comments in bold to accentuate them and then made your conclusions based on their arguments. Face it, by your own definition you're a Kool-Aid drinker.

The only lesson here is that it's easier to give gear away than to make money on it. Let me say it one more time for you: The SAIC said they would not announce trials, but that vendors should feel free to do so on their own. To imply there was some sort of anger on their part because Corvis announced them is just flat-out ridiculous.

You CAN make the argument (as LR analysts did) that they look silly for announcing the trials and then not getting any major business from it, but then they don't look half as stupid losing transport as CIEN does for winning transport on heavy discounts then losing the profitable cross-connect portion of the contract.

So Huber rubbed you the wrong way. BFD, get over it. I'm sure you can find hundreds of people who'll say Bill Gates is an asshole with questionable character too. How many times has he been sued for malicious business practices?

>>Recover what cash you can and head for another investment.
Thanks, but I am still holding a profit in Corv as well as most other stocks in the sector.
romeo-foxtrot 12/4/2012 | 11:24:51 PM
re: GIG-BE Winners Named It's interesting to note that LightReading has completely removed all traces of the previous thread titled "no more Dave77777" from its web page. It just no longer exists.

I wonder if CORV got involved in some way to pressure them, or did they just feel sorry for Dave77777.

I recall somewhere that LR had some code of ethics on what could be posted, but to go so far as to obliterate history they have in my view gone too far.
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