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tsat 12/5/2012 | 3:18:58 AM
re: Foundry Faces Tough Times > As an aside, has anyone made money in core routers?

Judging from today's stock prices, it sure
does not look like it!

ironccie 12/5/2012 | 3:18:56 AM
re: Foundry Faces Tough Times > As an aside, has anyone made money in core routers?

Geez, you would think that LR would help Foundry out with some high performance load balancers to prevent the server timeout errors I get when trying to read these darned posts. We've used Foundry L4/7 for years and have no complaints. DSR config move a few years back really helped us sqeeze valuable transactions per second. I didn't login until after the error, so I assume this best effort service is for everyone and it's just not my time being wasted here. Wonder what Tony Li is doing with all his extra time.

Yeah, I don't think anybody will buy the Foundry IMR for the core. They would have to be crazy people and I don't know many crazy people. I only know smart people who pay Juniperola for animations. We've already budgeted for 2 core routers, before the IMR, we had budget for 0 core routers. Maybe only enough for one animation if we used Juniperola crayons or Crisco colored wax paper.


Eziemer 12/5/2012 | 3:18:56 AM
re: Foundry Faces Tough Times Foundry made money in their core routing business because it boot-strapped with small engineering group, no 12 to 24-month evaluation, less than half the cost of Juniper and Cisco, enabled and disabled/shrunk the core routing once the development is done. It is all about tactical and not strategic; it happened to its OC3/12/48, MPLS/VPLS and it could happen again to the IMR group.

Foundry has the brain GǣdryGǥ among its executives; all technical founders left. Like many vendors, Foundry uses Broadcom or Marvell for its Iron products. OEM some of the products GAP, LC Edge Switch, access router and serverironSA. The key differences are its software and its price structure. It is not surprising that F5 and Cisco are eating Foundry for lunch.

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