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DataCentric 12/5/2012 | 3:14:59 AM
re: Force10: Where's the Exit? IronCCIE:

We have large data centers and are always looking for boxes with large densities and with lot of reliability. I am a bit confused about the RX-16 and the MG-8. Which one does one use?

Do you know when Foundry will release any testing data on these boxes?


-- DC
kd2000 12/5/2012 | 3:14:56 AM
re: Force10: Where's the Exit?
>>These Companies operate in the Global market, >>not just in US. So it makes sense for them to >>tap the global talent pool rather than just >>sticking with the high-wage US engineers.
high-wage is a relative term and only true when compared to other countries producing like wise.
Within US, engineers are not necessarily that high wage.. In CA, with poverty level salary of $36000, a good experienced engineer probably makes 3 times of that. Hell car mechanics and plumbers make almost $80 to 100/hr, while poor programmers average around $40!
While in Banglore infact software engineers are way overpaid and ultra overpriced relative to local standard of living there, they are makiing 10 to 20 times the local average salaries! Salaries in Banglore today are almost unheard off. The average sugar or steel mill worker when he hears the IT salary his jaw drops to the floor!

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