standardsarefun 12/4/2012 | 9:53:25 PM
re: Flarion: 'Europe's Ready for Us' It is comparatively easy to invent a new radio interface (gee even I did that once!). The hard task is to convert it into a standard so that operators can be sure that they will obtain multi-vendor support.

Where will Flarion go to get their proposal standardised?

This is a pretty important question since access to the 3G (IMT2000) bands is only possible if the radio interface gets included in the ITU-R SG8 list of "IMT2000 Radio Transmission Technologies" (RTT) which already includes WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, cdma2000, EDGE and DECT2000. To get into this list the work has to finish up in one of the recognised SDOs that are "feeding" ITU-R - this basically means ETSI (Europe), T1 and TIA (USA), ARIB and TTC (Japan), TTA (Korea) and CWTS (China).

Also why should any other vendor support a system proposal that is obviously full of Flarion patents? OFDM is well known and is already under consideration in 3GPP as a new radio interface under the UMTS umbrella (must likely in the new 2.5 GHz band with deployment sometime after 2008?). Why should we use flash-OFDM (and why do people choose such silly names?)

Does anyone (Flarion?) know the answer to this question?

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