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alchemy 12/5/2012 | 3:34:01 AM
re: Fixed/Mobile Handover Vexes Carriers kampar writes:
And just to round it off ... UMA is not a call control protocol ... its essentially a session management protocol (i.e. it manages the connection and communications between the handset and the UMA Controller for the UMA session, that's all). The call control protocol in a UMA network today is .. well, GSM (with no modifications).

I've always seen UMA protocol stack drawn so it includes GSM at the top. As such, I've always viewed it as a completely specified stack that includes call control. I guess this is quibbling....

The real point is that you're tunneling GSM so all the features work in an unambiguous way. The stack is somewhat too complex for my taste but you can easily push it down into a handset and make all your cellphone features work. Today. I think it will be many years before the spec churn subsides with VCC since there isn't even anything close to 100% agreement on how to solve the problem. Even when it happens, I'm not sure I want a service where I have to scream at everyone in my house to shut down their BitTorrent and Slingbox traffic so I can make a phone call.
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