Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:03:13 PM
re: Finisar Falls on Q1 'Turbulence' It's not clear whether Cisco was one of the 50% higher-than-expected or 50% lower-than-expected companies.

Either way, Finisar says the Cisco "lean manufacturing" effort, which I think affected sales in past quarters, is basically done.

Interesting that they're seeing this kind of unpredictability.
deer_in_the_light 12/5/2012 | 3:03:12 PM
re: Finisar Falls on Q1 'Turbulence' wow, funny to see our friend Jerry get his butt kicked by the street. Remember how arrogant he was a year go, wheel is turning fast, gotta stay humble if you work in this field.
cw.774 12/5/2012 | 3:03:06 PM
re: Finisar Falls on Q1 'Turbulence' Well, I might be abusing the understanding of convergence (netwroks, tech market forces) here as I live at the bottom of the stack. But how confused are your customer? I know mine are. I think some are simply stuck. Look at:
- mergers (ALC-LU playing out forever)
- architectures who used to live on remote islands, now connecting
- Acces: active E, or, which PON do I use?
In my opinion:
- recovery is slow if not stopped
- too much optical competition/paranoia (well, before we finish this design, what's CISCO doing?, what's CHina doing? who's China?)

It's simply too complex for some key holders. Perhaps more tehcncial harmony might be needed, even if the pool shrinks again.

very humbly yours,
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