marjsdad 12/5/2012 | 5:30:15 PM
re: Feds Favor Usage-Based Broadband

Regarding the Xbox usage: Think about it. Like a set-top, the Xbox is not mobile. Like a set-top, the Xbox delivers on-demand content through a subscription video service. Like a set-top, the signals do not travel over the open Internet or have any impact at all on last-mile Internet traffic. The only difference is the technology: one is QAM and the other is IP.

The FCC has had the goal of getting cable service on 3rd-party devices for 15 years. The CableCARD just was not the right solution for two-way cable traffic on 3rd-party devices. An IP-based device works, however, not just on the Xbox, but also on the retail TiVo box using both a one-way CableCARD for linear and IP for on demand.

What's the big fuss? CE companies and consumer advocates should be jumping for joy that a mass market for cable service on 3rd party devices is finally at hand, rather than whining about net neutrality stuff that doesn't apply.

AESerm 12/5/2012 | 5:30:08 PM
re: Feds Favor Usage-Based Broadband

If usage based pricing gains traction, then Will Richmond's point about the subsidy non-sports fans pay for bundled programming could too. Idea being those who never watch Sports Center would prefer not to pay for it.

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