lrmobile_millomar 12/5/2012 | 3:59:46 AM
re: Fast & Low: xG's Broadband Play "as fast as 40 Mbit/s in metropolitan areas using sub-GHz frequencies"
This sounds very exciting and it also sounds like spinning straw into gold.

Shannon's Bound might prove to be a little problematic. If any number inclined engineer could run those numbers I would be interested to know if this is possible. You can find the formulae stated here: http://www.ee.ualberta.ca/~sch...

Of course the other problem would be spectrum. As far as I am aware "Sub GHz" ISM bands are fairly crowded. Those you can buy are expensive for the same reason that they are attractive.

If the spin is right he would need 3500 to 4000 base stations to entirely cover the USA or less than half that if only covering the places where there are people.
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