standardsarefun 12/4/2012 | 9:07:55 PM
re: Europe Gets the Picture A reverse Metcalf's law would be: "the power of a network drops by 4 each time you cut it in two". This might sound obvious but it appears that mobile operators still do this whenever they don't interconnect messaging servers.

SMS was a sleeping technology for about 5 years until the operators finally got around to letting SMS traffic pass through their interconnected networks. All they needed to do was "open the tap" and "let the money pour in".

The same is going to happen with MMS if the operators don't quickly interconnect their servers both between competitors in the same country and internationally. It is encouraging to hear that this has started but why wasn't this done from the start?

P.S. The same holds for idoit terminal makers who don't make compliant phones (EMS was a failure because "one large vendor" didn't do it...)

P.P.S. For those who don't know of Metcalf and his law (more important than Moore's!) see: http://www.digitalplays.com/Id...
IPobserver 12/4/2012 | 9:07:54 PM
re: Europe Gets the Picture I couldnG«÷t agree more. Not being able to send MMS to other networks is verging on a disaster and is not helping the industry overcome the WAP fiasco. With more and more picture phones out there, this issue is now urgent.

IG«÷d also add another rule:

G«£The amount of mischief and embarrassment caused by MMS is directly proportional to how drunk you got the night before.G«• And it wonG«÷t help matters when everybody can receive the results straight to their phone!
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