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brichter 12/4/2012 | 7:40:32 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down Makes perfect sense to me! Remember his statement" and now it will cost you 5 times as much" Now the price of the product will be astronomical, every other mfg will produce for less, and another company will bite the dust!
_____ 12/4/2012 | 7:40:31 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down Unisphere: These guys are actually kicking some serious ass and have better revenue stream than many public companies.

Tenor: Market keeps getting puched out further and further.

QB: Not much revenue but a lot of promise. In time, they will do well but the dynamics of what we know QB as today will have changed. More (unfortunate) job cuts in the near future.

Sandburst: I'd like to get me some of what they are smoking over there. No chance to make it and no one will buy them and no one will buy the snake oil.

Gotham: Bad timing, bad execution

Astral Point: Follow the Geyserbrick road...

Ellacoya: Ella-See-Ya

Cratos: The Acton PD are tired of climbing the stairs to take people out in cuffs. Check Acton PD police log from last week- it happened again!

Wireless: Watercove had a lay off last week. We'll see how long they stick around for.

Storage: Cereva's got their work cut out. Don't care about the others- BAD BUSINESS PLANS!

So what looks good? Sales are up at Shaw's, Walmart and Fanny Frugal...
stuartb 12/4/2012 | 7:40:30 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down I don't like stomping on graves, but since they're not officially dead yet I don't feel so bad. I agree with the list of vendors in the original posting:
Astral Point

and would like to add the following candidates:

These are all short timers as they haven't raised money in awhile. The list would be much longer looking longer term. A very sad situation really

plumpy 12/4/2012 | 7:40:27 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down captnoto axes:

How come no one has mentioned Unisphere ?

Your clue pipe ran out of clue in 1997.
Do homework on Unisphere before putting
them in the hopper with nit-wits like Ennovate.

Ellacoya quote from their layoff of May2001:
"We don't need engineers, we are in a sales
mode now."
Ellacoya ? Euthanasia-oya.

Astral Point is one of 67 companies trying
to get ILECs to change their optical metro practices.
Try getting a feasting pig to stop rolling
in the mud, then get him to stop burping
during the blessing.

Hint: Captnoto is an ex Unipshere guy
who could not cut it OR a Crescent VC.
Either is eating Tuna Helper tonight.

MA Headhunter 12/4/2012 | 7:40:26 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down contracts and funding negotiations going well, funding negotiations going well, not sure and 50 million new dollars.
MA Headhunter 12/4/2012 | 7:40:26 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down if you are going to take a stab at some, provide some reasoning. At least 2 on your list will not fail any time soon.
MA Headhunter 12/4/2012 | 7:40:25 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down It seems to me that speculation is running rampant about companies that are in some cases doing well internally and will not be allowed to die.

It is true that some are bound for insolvency, but it is obvious by the various lists being posted that a lack insight into a company means that it is DOA. At least 2 posters participating in this exercise were saying the same exact thing about Coriolis and Photonex AFTER terms were reached for new funding but before it had been announced. Draw your own conclusions.

For the most part, runrates have been dropped to 2 million or less on a monthly basis by a majority of these guys to preserve the spoils from the y2k party. Any company with sizeable funding since late last year have plenty of time to strengthen their case for survival.

Regarding the wireless plays, don't expect them to go away either. Layoffs at these places are not a sign of fiscal disaster.

btw, the stuff could be hitting the fan on Avici based on very recent trial decisions.

hawkman 12/4/2012 | 7:40:24 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down The website doesn't even work anymore.
CanMan 12/4/2012 | 7:40:24 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down Has anyone heard anything from Quarry lately? I havent seen anything from then since July....

lu-alum 12/4/2012 | 7:40:21 PM
re: Ennovate Shuts Down Good point MKTG_Hack, it's clear that the only successful companies are ones who are building to function as an idependent company. However I think that Enterasys is not a good example. Unlike every other "real" start up they had the luxury of completed products ready for the market so they could immediately concentrate on sales/deployments. Your typical startup takes 18-24 months to bring a product to market so you have to make marketing noise. During the inital development, being in the POP is not an option so being on everyone's lips is the way to go.
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