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Iagojrh 12/4/2012 | 10:43:50 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again I believe "Corporate Chefs" is the name of the catering company that serves a lot of local office buildings in the 495 area.
But cheers to Matt B and company for spinning that. Good stuff.
skeptikal 12/4/2012 | 10:43:41 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again Answers to the questions:

a) there was no demand to start with
b) there were no customers for the flagship product, it never worked!
c) there is no new product, just one they couldn't ever get to market in time
d) the SGS6000 was a GigE box, a toy
e) "Daddy, what's a CLEC?"
f) Ellacoya is like a frog in a French Resturant - the blue plate special.

Feel very sorry for the folks that are left. Sege - 3 strikes pal.
skeptikal 12/4/2012 | 10:43:41 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again "Personally I thought Ellacoya was fairly
conservative" - you gotta be kidding Photo-mon. They spend money like drunken sailors is right!
1) They staffed a 9 person sales team of veteran sales guys & SEs @ $100K base + 50K draw; 2 regional Sales VP and EVP that had no clue what he was doing - AND HAD NO PRODUCT TO SELL.
2) Refurbished their building to the tune of $6M (why?)
3) Hired friends and neighbors and brothers and sisters - huh?

They did the best selling job to the $$ guys - 'Stop, you had us at hello' - GeezeePeezee, those guys would have given money to Sadam Hussain!
skeptikal 12/4/2012 | 10:43:41 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again The 'Corporate Chef' was a guy that flipped burgers, don't believe EVERYTHING you read, just like on LightReading...
skeptikal 12/4/2012 | 10:43:41 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again Photon-Mon -

The die was cast long before Sege showed up. The truth is they had a bunch of amatuers playing in the pro-space - enterprise mentality doesn't scale into the carrier space. They were chasing everything that moved, thanks to a former EVP of sales, then brought in an Ogre and his Idiot to run sales for a while, even the Idiot got smart and left. The big switch don't work, ask the obvious players. They've blown more opportunities thru sheer incompetence than I've seen in 20+ years. You've got to listen to your customers and react - strategy is an evolving process, not cast in stone and immovable, unless your an amatuer, like Kurt Dobbins...
photon_mon 12/4/2012 | 10:43:37 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again skeptikal, I actually do agree with most of your
observations. Bad choices early on due to lack
of proven experience usually DO tend to spawn
over time. IMHO, Sege (despite my personal "mild
dislike") is a promising CEO and would have made
a much greater impact had he been one of the
first key hires. As you well indicated, the die
was already cast by the time of his arrival.

Hindsight is always 20/20 though. In retrospect
the sales team could have started out much smaller
and flatter. However, I don't think their SE
compensation was out-of-line with the rest of
the industry for that point in time. That was
in the range for experienced talent - regardless
of startup - as dictated by supply and demand.

As far as building renovation expenses go, the
figure you stated does seem high, based on
physical appearances after completion. I don't
know how much of it was consumed by required
mechanical, electrical and safety requirements,
so that could explain alot. In fairness the
improvements (from what I could see at least) did
not seem gratuitous or unnecessary.

For a multitude of reasons - the majority of
which few will ever know - current product
offerings proved to not be an ideal match for the
market (if one does in fact today exist for this

To get on my soapbox for a sec, it truly will
be refreshing to see a market once again for the
majority of what out industry has to offer. Let
us not forget that financially sound, internally
stable, growth oriented prospects ARE the market.
Even before some of the key accounts that
everyone targeted went south (or under), there
was turmoil within them. Traction was frequently
lost overnight in the aftermath of yet another
change of strategic direction or management team.
Seemingly the only apparent bold and decisive
decision-making involved where folks should go
for lunch. But of course it is politically
incorrect to actually mention this aspect
(especially unforgivable in a good economy).

Enough beating this dead horse (actually,
nitpicking is even worse).

I'mRael 12/4/2012 | 10:43:35 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again
The hall runs like clockwork
Their hands mark out the time;
Empty in their fullness
Like a frozen pantomime.
Everyone's a sales representative
Wearing slogans in their shrine.
Dishing out failsafe superlative,
Brother John is No. 9.

it's the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
- All ready to use
it's the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
- I just need a fuse.

realdeal 12/4/2012 | 10:43:30 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again Wow- sad to see some have yet to kick the koolaid habit.
moreforyou 12/4/2012 | 10:41:36 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again
>>"c) there is no new product, just one they >>couldn't ever get to market in time"

>>"The interesting thing is they hired all the >>good old boys from ctron and a bunch of monkeys >>from lucent mixed em all together, in the >>margarita blender, and spent all the money like >>a bunch of drunken sailors."

They could'nt get it to market in time because of they used unknown vendor to deliver them crucial software.

From what I hear, they wanted cheap third party software. They got it and paid for it , big time.

Some vendor called "futuresoft" gave them software for routing, tunneling, nat/pat, etc... that didn't work, wasn't scalable, wasn't maintainable.

Otherwise they have excellent product, that can kick any competitors posterior.

Oakster 12/4/2012 | 10:41:35 PM
re: Ellacoya Cuts Staff -- Again Author: I'mRael Number: 27
<b.subject:< b=""> Re: Right-Sizing Date: 3/26/2002 10:36:28 PM

I'mRael wrote...

The hall runs like clockwork
Their hands mark out the time; ...

Another one comes to mind when writing about Ellacoya (or any of a number of others in the optical networking field):

Hovering like a fly,
Waiting for the windshield on the freeway.

Keep 'em coming, Imperial Aerosol Kid.</b.subject:<>
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