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DZED 12/5/2012 | 3:08:03 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 Hopefully other actually fraudulent execs are currently soiling their trousers.

I can think of one or two.
LightMan 12/5/2012 | 3:08:02 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 Yep - Drug laws are out of wack. Knew someone who unfortunately got mixed up with making meth and became addicted. In his efforts to feed his habits he started to sell it. His only customer - the DEA. He also was buying the stuff to make it from the DEA, so they were feeding his efforts. For two months he sold big quantities to them and only them. then in a showcase sting they announced they busted one of the biggest meth dealers in Houston. While he was an idiot, he certainly didn't deserve the 10 years in federal prison (no parole in Fed) he got for being a setup addict.

Cost to society = $100k *10 + the cost of the sting operation

shaggy 12/5/2012 | 3:08:02 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 Kozlowski, that is. I believe his sentencing hearing is scheduled for Aug 2nd.

what I will be curious to see is if his sentence is larger or comparable to Ebbers.

Bernie was up on accounting fraud charges. The scope and impact of his crime affected 1000's of people in a most direct way. For this he gets 25 years in the fed pen.

Kozlowski is just a common thief, having embezzeled millions of dollars away from the company for his personal exploits. While this caused the company's stock to suffer,I don't think it ruined 1000's of people's retirement plans.

Dennis faces 15-30 years in state prison (Ugh!) for what is seemingly a lesser offense.

granted, he has the possibility of parole (if he survives) but it still seems to me there is not an a fair matching of penalty to crime between these two cases.

whyiswhy 12/5/2012 | 3:08:02 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 "I am only pointing out that there are greater dangers to society receiving lesser sentences if any."


And like many of the drug posession laws are not completely excessive?

If we practiced capitalistic justice, he would be in jail x years for y dollars.

If a guy who robs a 7-11 for $250 and all the cigarettes he can cary can get 25 years to life, Bernie deserves about a billion years.

Like all whitecollar criminals, he is skating.

vermillion 12/5/2012 | 3:07:56 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 YES!!!

Now let's have a song... I know just the thing, an oldie (early 90's) but a goodie. It's about a guy named Bernie getting sent off to the Big House after some heinous crimes. Perfect!

Artist: Lowest of the Low
Song: So Long Bernie
Source: www.maplemusic.com

If the best revenge is living well, then let's all walk out our non-barred doors and breath the fresh/polluted air and think of good ol' Bernie!

Living well...
st0 12/5/2012 | 3:07:56 AM
re: Ebbers Sentenced: See You in 2030 Ebbers is gone... what the mess he left in telecom here is going to stay... South Korea got IT839 program for their country, hire engineer in the track load... where are the similar initiative in north America? IT is infrastructure issue, the IT839 address the core R&D target area as a whole... any one know about the similar effort in north america? We are far behind to the broadband deployment, many telecom still feel the pain of last bubble. Photonics assets still on sale in track load...send Ebber to 25 years is a start, but to pick up all the pieces after the bubble before all the good engineer/researches retire to the cottage may be more of an issue...
ATT is almost gone, VZ, SBC and others are still battling each others in "competitiveness" game... we are sure all the loosers in the Ebbers plot. More so in a national, if not regional sense...
- st
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