jarod- 12/4/2012 | 9:20:58 PM
re: Dictionary Corner: Savoir-faire It seems someone at Alcatel forgot to translate litteraly the "savoir-faire" into "know-how"... and that "savoir-faire" is a real "faux-ami" as far as the English language is concerned :-)

Let me try to translate (and forgive me for all mistakes, please) :
"savoir-faire : A person's capacity to achieve what she undertakes, to solve practical problems, because of her competence and experience.
In the commercial area, "know-how" (in french in the text) applies to the knowledges, experiments, processes (...) which are owned by a moral or physical person, and which can be made available to others on a free or fee basis.

So there we go : "savoir-faire" became "know-how" in business language, which was translated back to "savoir-faire" by Alcatel.
Life is ironical.
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