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ferris_bueller 12/4/2012 | 8:50:25 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Not that I can comment on the people, technology, or business of Cratos, one thing that I wanted to point out in thier defense...

People keep mentioning that someone can't build a product with 8 million dollars and 1 years time.

This is most likely true, but consider the fact that publicly announced information isnt always the ONLY information.

For instance, they may have already had a second round of financing but have decided not to announce for strategic reasons. They may have been working on a product as a team of founders before the company was incorporated. They may have purchased technology from some other entity, such as academia/research, or a dying startup, etc (think IronBridge). And even if Comstellar went out of business (I have no idea if it did), there are still other VCs out there.

Like I said, I am not saying I think they can or will do what they say...I just wanted to point out the flaws people are using to discredit Cratos's potentials.
JustDaFacts 12/4/2012 | 8:50:02 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Regarding the message by "ExFiberlane":
I can count the number of people on one hand that left Fiberlane before Sanjeev "left", and NONE of these folks would have written this response. This little gem was a fictional autobiography.

I agree that SN had little or no influence on the Siara product. Obviously LR fell down on the "due diligence" before writing their article.
Cratos may succeed despite some obvious deficiencies, but I'd never invest a nickel in this company.
Bonehead 12/4/2012 | 8:49:41 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand As one of the boneheads that an (alleged) ex-fiberlaner mentioned, I am quite amused at how many attempts Mr. Newarikar (A little undeserved politeness) has made to pretend to be someone else. Apparently he can't find anyone not on his payroll to say something positive, no surprise there. Thank you Lightreading for exposing his company to the public and for the opportunity for everyone to respond with the inside facts. Your message board is a great source of information, not found elsewhere, for many of us.
Light Headed 12/4/2012 | 8:49:38 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Can anyone tell me how long a company of over 70 emp.s can survive on $10m? How long has Sanjeev got left? I happen to know the first few attempts at closing round two have failed.

You don't need to reply to this one Sanjeev...
dermon1 12/4/2012 | 8:49:34 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Why don't you guys get off this site and get to work? Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep negative comments to yourself? Let them give it a shot, you never know. Nexabit sold a product that supposedly doesn't even work.
AnthrBnhd 12/4/2012 | 8:49:21 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Actually, my mother taught me to be truthful, not to pump myself up, take credit for things I don't deserve, fool some poor suckers into investing in a company based on the "accomplishments" of the flounder (uh, I mean founder), convince some unfortunate engineers to leave their jobs to join an "internet wiz", etc.
Nexabit is not exactly a great example of a sucess story. Besides, the days of "get a great valuation despite the fact you have no product, no customers/revenues, no leadership" are long gone.
We'll see what Cratos has to offer. You are right, "you never know", maybe there is room for another Nexabit in this world.
flashhog 12/4/2012 | 8:48:45 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand I have to admit, I had heard both good and bad things about SN before reading this string of messages. But after reading them, it appears many of you have had more of a bad experience than a good one. I have not met the man, so I cannot comment on his personality or attitude. However, If they do get this next round of funding, we will see if his idea is legitimate. I know the metro-optical space is crouded and many companies will not succeed, but there chances are probably as good an anyone elses rergardless of who is running the ship!
fluster 12/4/2012 | 8:48:36 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand I'm sorry the comments on this site bruised your little ego. Investors and potontental employees looking at Cratos have the right to know how foney Sanjeev is. And yes, if the Nexabit box doesn't work, how come its been shipping and generating revenue? Get your facts straight buddy.
Bonehead 12/4/2012 | 8:48:10 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand Just one correction to the last reponse. I am not familiar with Nexabits's problems, but to compare Cratos to any real product gives them credability.
I had met with some of Nexabit's high level technical people before they were bought and at least they were credible. I can not put Sanjeev in the same ballpark. He is more of a child. It still boggles my mind how he got funding and can continue to lie so often without real ramifications. Does he even have a valid green card ? sadly probably yes.
John Goldsmith 12/4/2012 | 8:48:09 PM
re: Cratos Networks Tips Its Hand
I have known this guy for quite sometime. The guy is "Mr. Know it all" and sucks big time. He is very opiniated (well - the right word would have been arrogant, if you were not his friend). The guy has little personal charms or management skill to attract any talent to the company.

Cratos is a one man show, and SN has no management talent or experience. It will be better for Mr. Raj Singh to save his money for something better.
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