edgecore 12/4/2012 | 10:50:59 PM
re: Corvis Intros Network Tools OK, I give up, what is this new term?

Let me guess, somewhere between LH (600km) and ULH (4000km), am I close?

mesolithic 12/4/2012 | 10:50:57 PM
re: Corvis Intros Network Tools Yep, you got it. Term to differentiate between long haul (400-800km) and ULH (> 2500 km). Cisco "invention" to differentiate their 15808 product, from what i've seen.
wayland_smithy 12/4/2012 | 10:50:57 PM
re: Corvis Intros Network Tools I agree with this. Cisco's presentations started carrying this late last year when they announced the 15808 series: they classified the market as follows :
Conventional LongHaul - up to 600 km
Extended LongHaul - 600 to 2000 km
Ultra Long Haul - 2000 km +.

This was done because the 15808 can carry both Long Haul & ELH on the same platform (and, I believe, on the same fibre also) and they wanted to differentiate it to the ULH and LH equipment markets: ULH is only a small percentage of the overall market (3%)and they already had an established product for the LH market (18800 or 801, I think).

I suspect that Corvis' announcement of ELH is acknowledgement of Cisco's threat to show market leadership in this mini-segment and an attempt to claw back this new "market segment" from them.

Cynics may also argue that it's a neat way to invent a new analyst market segment so that a new vendor can claim market share leadership in just this segment as opposed to being classified as a small player to the overall LH-DWDM market.
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