etherguy 12/4/2012 | 11:00:55 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out corrigent is under-funded and the vcs won't touch it because it's too far behind luminous and even lantern which has a 10-gig product almost ready for trials. the company was spun out of orckit and when's the last time you saw a successful spinout of an isreali company? it happens but not very often.

the market isn't ready for 10 gig in any other application other than aggregation and core switching. maybe they'll line up some trials but they are 6-9 months away from shipping and by then lantern (if they get their act together and deliver something that works) and luminous will have a solid 18 months in luminous' case and about 8 months in lantern's case, lead.

these guys are d.o.a. unfortunately. orckit should spin it back in (they probably will).
William F. Letcher 12/4/2012 | 11:00:52 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out Unlike other solutions that carry Ethernet over Sonet, Corrigent is not encapsulating the Ethernet traffic. Instead, it is able to carry native Ethernet over RPR over Sonet, making for more efficient use of bandwidth, says Gady Rosenfeld, director of strategic marketing for Corrigent.

um, not sure I understand exactly how this makes more efficient use of bandwidth.

but I do think the concept of an evolutionary approach will win out over that of an evolutionary one to carrier migration from TDM to packet based networks. making SONET (specifically synchronization, framing, etc) the underlying transport mechanism was the right move, there's too much SONET out there now. but I question the encapsulation method - not even sure I understand it as explained in the article.

once again, this is great for ethernet and data traffic but if luminous, lantern, corrigent or anyone else thinks any legitimate carrier is going to deploy a TDM over ethernet over RPR architecture for voice/TDM transport, they've been smoking too much weed.

BBBoa 12/4/2012 | 11:00:49 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out Sounds good, but carriers are not deploying Ethernet at 10 Gig - they're barely deploying Ethernet at 1 Gig. Carriers are deploying DS-3 and OC-n services because that's what they know from an operational support perspective and that's what their salespeople know how to sell.

Corrigent will be successful if their funding can sustain them long enough to realize their vision - while holding off Luminous, Lantern and a host of others in their space. My bet is that they are betting on a big player to swoop in, gobble them up and cash out.
fundamental_guy 12/4/2012 | 11:00:47 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out
When carriers are filling for chapter 11 having
spend all their cash on BW they still lack services
to turn their "BW assets" into revenues.

Most MANs have some sort of heirarchy: access rings connected to metro core rings with mega-pops
on the core rings. The collector-hubs that
connect these access rings to core aggregate data to one entity at the metro-pop while aggregating TDM to another entity at either the same pop or another one. Hence, very little BW sharing happens on metro core rings. In fact BW sharing provides
very little visibility for capacity planning in
the metro core.

What makes more sense for carriers is to deploy
RPR in the access rings and use traditional
multiservice-sonet gear in the core. Access rings
are dominantly 2.5 gigs.

Corrigent is barking up the wrong tree of
combining RPR with 10 gigs. Lantern did and now
finds no more lamp-oil to keep its lantern lit.
Often pragmatism takes over technology ecstacy.
Further, one will sell more boxes focused on
access rings rather than metro core rings.

So what next? Orkit -> Corrigent -> ???
veemee 12/4/2012 | 11:00:44 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out Are any of the BIG guys deploying RPR(or are only China and India the only major markets)?

Who is CISCO referring to when it says it has already a 100k ports deplayed?
mjm 12/4/2012 | 10:59:12 PM
re: Corrigent Comes Out It seems this solution isn't much different from NT's. They have Sonet gear with RPR, they have 50 msec failover, and I am told they have been doinig it for over a year.... Not to mention they are already in the Carriers.

The only thing I see different is the BW, and how long before they increase that....

What am I missing?