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paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:24:04 AM
re: Citron: Triple Play Is Tripe
I can't wait to have you as a customer and toss 50% of your transmitted packets so that you retransmit them and I get to double your bill.

Then, I will double your transmit and receive packets and double your bill again.

Then, I will randomly add packets to your bill until I have charged you a lot.

But thanks to you I will just randomly create traffic inside my network destined to you that you did not ask for. In fact, then I will charge you for it. In fact, I will insert errors and retransmit it. I LOVE this idea.

The best part is I will set my measurement back in the network and tell you I sent you traffic that I did not send and you can not measure. This is BRILLIANT!

This will be the greatest boon to pipe providers of all times. If you think stuff like this did not happen, lets harken all the way back to conditioned lines. People bought gear to monitor the conditioning because it would periodically disappear.

This is why per packet billing has never worked.

Kevin Mitchell 12/5/2012 | 3:22:51 AM
re: Citron: Triple Play Is Tripe Nice rhetoric but the facts do not align at all. The MSOs have offered triple play for a number of years. It hasn't been VoIP but they've offered telephone, internet, and video as a bundle. What they've found is that bundled service with a discount for the whole bundle reduces customer churn significantly.

Great rebuttal! And not only does it reduce churn, the ARPU and EBITA per user us higher. Those higher paying and longer staying customers are what the 3play bundle are all about. Not sexy marketing.
Kevin Mitchell 12/5/2012 | 3:22:51 AM
re: Citron: Triple Play Is Tripe What a pompus ass. He is deluded or likely he knows what a precarious position his company in with just one offering in the triple play. As an independent company, they are doomed. Only viable exit is get scooped up by a marginalized CLEC.

Or maybe they'll grow large enough soon to put a bid on MCI, too!
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