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gea 12/5/2012 | 12:39:36 AM
re: Cisco Wins Round 1 Against Huawei Curry_Rice said:

"What a joker.... So it's OK to rip off the Russians while you bash Huawei for not honoring an American patent in China? Why? Is it because you're coincidentally an American and American companies are cashing in on the lasik technology of the Russians?"

Actually, if you read carefully I did not bash Huawei at all. I don't klnow the details of the case, but suspect there's some truth to both sides.

As for "honoring an American patent in China", you can bet that Cisco has applied for any relevant patents in China. But having lived in China, I know that the communist era introduced some notions of communal ownership of intellectual property that today's Chinese capitalists hide behind.

As for your Lasik comment, I almost think you may be a silly as BoobyMax. The Soviets developed Lasik, and you can be sure as hell they didn't file a US patent (and I doubt they had anything resembling a patent system in the Soviet Union at the time). In addition, Lasik is old technology: no one uses it and any US patents would have expired long ago (and only if your an idiot do you think the general statement "use lasers to improve vision" is patentable).

So aside from being wrong, your points are nonsensical. More than that, they betray the fact that you yourself have some sort of bias, and look at my posts as if they an equal and opposite bias.

Don't misunderstand me: I don't believe US companies are necessarily "morally superior" to non-US companies. They are, however, more aware of the realities of doing business in the US market. Beleieve me, I have no doubt most US companies would steal IP if they could get away with it, but they know that the legal costs outweigh the benefits in the vast majority of cases.
dljvjbsl 12/5/2012 | 12:39:35 AM
re: Cisco Wins Round 1 Against Huawei
As of today the life of a patent is 20 years, but a patent obtained in the 1930's will probably have a longer life. The life of the patent includes the filing period.

Why would a patent from the 30's have a longer life. As I understand it, patents previously had a life of 17 years from that date of issue. Now there is a 20 year protoection from the date of filing. With an average three year examination, the protection period is about the same.

The criteria is now first to file rather than first to invent. This was done to encourage prompt and speedy issuing of patents so that the technological information contained in patents is published sooner
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