ycurrent 12/5/2012 | 4:21:56 PM
re: Cisco Turns Up the Apps Delivery Dial

Support services is a good business with nice margins - ask Larry Ellison.  But the professional services pull through for vendors such as Cisco, ALU and others will be driven by transformations in service provider or enterprise architectures and processes. If applications velocity (and its "distant cousin" applications enablement) catch on, the vendor benefit will be in enabling the transformation, not the application.

Grenot 12/5/2012 | 4:21:53 PM
re: Cisco Turns Up the Apps Delivery Dial

Dear Ray,

Cisco's announcement is another evidence of a fundamental transformation that will shape networks'future. We progressively moved from lines to networks (the MPLS transformation) and are now moving from networks to applications delivery. The road, the motorway, the traffic. It is a so complex and important transformation that it will take a few years, but it will come anyway. For this transformation to be successful, traditional bottom-up approaches will not be sufficient. I trust that top-down, holistic and automated technologies like Autonomic Networking can be one of them, and play the key role of enabler by simplifying operations by several order of magnitude and ensuring scalability for the largest service providers installed base.

Thierry - CTO @ Ipanema

(May I suggest you change Martinis for pure malts?)

digits 12/5/2012 | 4:21:49 PM
re: Cisco Turns Up the Apps Delivery Dial


You are entering dangerous territory here.... malt vs martini.... I say neither -- let's go with the Caipirinha



Of course you need good quality roads and nice wide motorways that are well built to enable the best traffic, but in the end the roads will become much the same, and the key will be how to get the traffic from A to B the quickest and in the best shape, That's why Service Provider IT(SPIT) is now as important as the underlying infrastructure.

We are singing from the same drinks menu, methinks -- so cheers.... 

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