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pablo 12/4/2012 | 8:57:00 PM
re: Cisco Ships OC192 > ... who wants to fund such a ridiculous
> pursuit

Just about everybody, it seems. Look up Xcelerated, ZettaCom, Azanda, Silicon Access, learn some, and then come back and tell us.

> .. It might be theraputic for you to figure out
> what the bit time is for a 9953.28 Mbps line...

It's seemingly you who has to learn what serialization delay is, as opposed to processing and queuing delay when packet forwarding engines engage. You need to learn that, and some civility, imbecile.
net_exprt 12/4/2012 | 8:56:57 PM
re: Cisco Ships OC192 actually, the full/half duplex bandwidth calcuation method was introduced by Cabletron...the rest of the industry had to pick that up afterwards.
go_csco 12/4/2012 | 8:56:55 PM
re: Cisco Ships OC192 "...Usually we don't interleave them like that..."

Probably not, but that doesn't change the standard definition of serialization delay.

"...and if we send all 8b in a row, it only takes 125us..."

Correct, I made a typo, microsecond INSTEAD of millisecond (us) INSTEAD of (ms). So
sue me!! :-)

Cisco Watcher 12/4/2012 | 8:56:43 PM
re: Cisco Ships OC192 lerxst,

> No, first it was the M40, then came the M20,
> then came the M160, then came the M5 and M10...

Thanks for the clarification, I had thought their flagship product was the M160.

> And, what school of business did you go to? How
> is it OK to let a company "eat your lunch" in a
> product space that defined you as a company and
> that you owned 80%+ market share, because
> you're going to go after a market that's
> significantly larger, but have little to no
> current market share within?

You are right. I never claimed to attend a business school (in fact I haven't). My statement probably came out wrong, what I meant was that Cisco can afford to loose market share (as they have been doing) since they are going after a much larger market (the RBOCs), where their current (albeit smaller) market share brings in enough money to equal the entire other market (in this case core routing). You are right though -- the folks at Cisco wouldn't simply give-up on the core of their business, I suspect that Juniper's increase in market share will start to subside now that the 12400 series has been released.

Though, I still stand by my statement that I think we are going to see Cisco target the RBOCs, since they are flush with cash, and emphasis those products from their Optical Network Group.

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