CoreRouterBuilder 12/5/2012 | 3:01:17 PM
re: Cisco Pooh-Poohs Packet Optical There is no a problem to make router with DWDM and CWDM interfaces but it will be just a core router. ( There are some routers they do this) MEMs and other technology is not there to make IP forwarding o-o yet. it is still kind of in reseach

Some people tried to make one for real no luck so far.

We used to develop optical cross connects but their relaibility based on MEMs is not so high;

I have not seen cheaps to make ip based forwrding so the whole thing could be done in o-o

bollocks187 12/5/2012 | 3:00:58 PM
re: Cisco Pooh-Poohs Packet Optical here again is an example of CISCO 'marketeers' trying to convince others they now what they are doing.

The reason Cisco is no hot on optical packet due to some of the following reasons and others:

1) They do not have a strategy for optical packet yet - perahsp an acquisition in the making
2) it does not yet make sense for them to support this approach since they would be admitting that the layer 3 networks they promot is WRONG.
3) Customers hate Layer 3 networkign to the extent that CISCO and others promote. It costs too much to upgarde network elements to higher speeds.

Cases in point:

1) Cisco pooh poohed TDM transport until they bought Cerent - Tactical or Startegic they now have a large optical business based on TDM transport !

2) Cisco did not believe in softswitch technology until they bought a softswitch vendor. They still sucked on voice tho for many years - kicked out of many voice networks except MSO.

3) Cisco did not believe in a "Unified communications" until they saw the vlaue of what Mobile and UMTS and then the are trieing to copy the Mobile model for enterprise.

4) Cisco did not believe in QoS until they started to develop chips that support the feature now they talk of the need for QoS.

C'mon everyone do not believe these folks - they are just dancing until they can figure it out ! Although I hear they pay well.

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