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CiscoSystems15454 12/4/2012 | 9:45:26 PM
re: Cisco Launches Metro Switch Ummm...no...."Manhattan" was the 15232 as reported by Light Reading (http://www.lightreading.com/do... and the 15600 is called CXC. Get your facts straight before spouting off incorrect statements.

psmith wrote,"CSCO's 'new' box appears to be the well-known erstwhile stealth project called 'Manhattan'."
BobbyMax 12/4/2012 | 9:45:24 PM
re: Cisco Launches Metro Switch First of all Cisco has not published any performance numbers. It cannot be taken for granted that ONs 15530 can function suceesfully and flawlessly in a large metro environment. The recovery feature of the switch is not clear. The switch does not address multi-layer recovery. The worst case recovery is also not covered by the switch. The time of recovery in various failed scenarios is not addressed. In view of these and more facts not so far examined may hamper the deployment of switch in the carriers' environment.

It is al;so not clear what kind of provisioning function does the switch provide. The management of the switch is also not clear. If the management and provisioning functions cannot be integrated with the OSS's of public carrier, the use of switch is limited to only Cisco created networks.

Cisco has kept the pricing structure of the swich a secret. Since there are many metro switches in the market place, the fairness and rationale of pricing structure cannot be evaluated. The non-disclosure of prices can prevent further sales of the switch barring two very very small carriers.

Since switch 15530 requires DWDM instead of cheaper CWDM, the cost metro ring with Switch 15530 will become prohibitive.

It is also not clear how mant wavelengths Cico can multiples. Lucent, for example, can multiplex over 128 wavelengths per fiber. It is not clear if Cisco can do the same thing.

It is also not clear: what kind of optical signaling does Cisco provide? If standards have not been followed, it could affect the interoperability of equipment from other vendors.

It is also not clear how Cisco will address the scalability issues. To compete on a fair basis, Cisco should provide full verifiable disclosures.
standardsarefun 12/4/2012 | 9:44:18 PM
re: Cisco Launches Metro Switch >>> It will be interesting to see whether the RBOCs prefer learning a new language (German, French, or Finnish) to dealing with CSCO as the other North American vendors are systematically acquired

Do you serious think Europeans talk anything other than English?
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