kirankaipa 12/5/2012 | 4:04:19 PM
re: BT Suffers as Ofcom Delays 2.6GHz Auctions

I agree with your point on BT's backhaul capabilities...

kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 3:34:40 PM
re: BT Suffers as Ofcom Delays 2.6GHz Auctions The delay in opening of WiMAX bids owing to valuation questions is a phenomena which seems to have become quite common after the WRC 2007 approved WiMAX ( OFDMA_TDD) as one of the approved air interfaces under the IMT-2000. Put in another way, networks operating using 3G technologies ( as per the 3GPP standards) can also use the Mobile WiMAX as one of the approved air interfaces. This is in addition to the already available interfaces such as WCDMA ( UMTS), TD-SCDMA and others.

The cellular networks owing to the high growth rates place a very high value on spectrum as it is an enabler of their growth and revenues. Unfortunately, Mobile WiMAX has been caught in the 3GPP range of valuations even though the technology is in itself designed for broadband wireless and that too primarily serve rural areas with low cost penetration.

The same phenomena is being witnessed in India where as per the latest recommendations of the regulator the spectrum for Mobile WiMAX is to be auctioned and its reserve price is fixed at 1/4th of the reserve price of 3G spectrum. It is expected that once the auctions take place a very high premium will be placed on the Mobile WiMAX spectrum as it would be seen as one of the alternatives by mobile operators.

petercf 12/5/2012 | 3:34:17 PM
re: BT Suffers as Ofcom Delays 2.6GHz Auctions ummm, but BT has 2 very successful MVNO relationships with O2 and Vodafone and if it wanted Mobile Broadband why use WiMAX, it is not a cellular play - why not deploy LTE?

If BT bought up large chunks of spectrum and rolled out LTE, with no legacy networks, it would be laughing and leap frog the mobile operators in one easy move.

Why? - because BT has a backhaul network second to none, the mobile operators do not. Second LTE could serve both voice and data without cannibalising existing revenue streams and thirdly satisfy its shareholders with a real significant strategic move.

The only question does BT have the -ú1bn+ to make it happen.
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