OSXman 12/5/2012 | 4:05:38 PM
re: BT Slows Down 21CN, Scraps Converged Service

BT has undergone a significant rethink of its voice strategy, but who knows what that really means in BT-speak.

BT is scrapping WBCC and WVC (Wholesale Voice Connect).  That is sort of new news but not really as it is at least a month or two old.  But what does that really mean? 

As far as I know, the MSANs continue to be deployed.  How could they not be? WBCC and WVC are just the services that are being offered over the hardware.  Am I missing something and does anyone know better?

BT's long delayed Pathfinder project is finally making real progress.  The original plan was to migrate 350k users in South Wales as a test bed.  This was then downsized to 75k users.  Through January of this year they had migrated a whopping 5k users.  Reading progress reports was almost painful.  They would migrate 20 people, find some technical problem, and come back two months later and try to migrate another 20 people. 

Since January, however, they appear to be making real progress.  They are now up to 50k lines migrated and have upsized Pathfinder back up to 350k.  One night in March, they migrated 10k users, and another night in March they migrated 20k users, all without any technical issues.  For the first time, they are making real progress in migrating on a scale that hints at miss migration. 


light899 12/5/2012 | 4:05:37 PM
re: BT Slows Down 21CN, Scraps Converged Service This is what I understood as well. BT per regulatory requirements needs to provide access to the 21CN core, and this requires MSAN's (huawei) and softswitch to control the MSANs, presumably Sonus.

If they aren't going to go with MSANs, how are they going to provide access to the network??

Maybe they reconsidered the development of the WBCC and WVC, but you still need a way to connect end users and business to the core.
bollocks187 12/5/2012 | 4:05:35 PM
re: BT Slows Down 21CN, Scraps Converged Service I told you so !
BT is a red taped organization run by "idiots" who are self serving and have little no idea on how to build a next generation solution.

They have repeatedly failed over the last 30 years to build next generation networks soon 22CN RFP.

They are a monopoly
OSXman 12/5/2012 | 4:05:33 PM
re: BT Slows Down 21CN, Scraps Converged Service

I am looking forward to the 22CN RFP.

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