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12/5/2012 | 3:28:43 AM
re: BellSouth's Earth Is Flat
Revenue growth is a problem. We need to grow revenue. What we need is Omniplay.

We already have the Satellite bill on our bill, we offer DSL, albeit the old stuff, but that is better than dial up, and of course we offer POTS and we sell wireless. The key to profit is buying wholesale and selling retail.

Here is the plan, we need to buy power from the power company wholesale and sell retail and put that on our bill. Once we have the power on our bill, then we can work with the water company and buy water wholesale and put that on our bill; and finally garbage, we can also get a deal from the local municipality with garbage collection and put that on the bill as well. One bill for residential customers--that is our goal.

We also need to be flexible and the key is to adapt. If someone doest like the Satellite because they don't offer the local channels we should make a deal with the cable company and wholesale digital cable and if someone complains the slow speed of our DSL service we can wholesale broadband from cable or satellite in the remote locations, if someone complains about the water we can get them bottled watter and finally if someone complains about garbage collection we can send our service vans to collect the garbage. I am talking we need to be a totally service agnostic company. This way we could easily add another $500 to our monthly residential revenue.

Now for capital spending plans, we know that having so many separate gateways is going to be an expensive proposition for the consumers. We need to invest in a set top box from the likes of TwoWire to combine all of our services i.e. water-meter, power-meter, gas-meter, DSL modem, POTS/VOIP, Satellite TV and of course it must be big enough to also work as a trash compactor. This way we control the demarcation point to the home.

Our long range plan is to lobby congress to repeal the anti trust laws so we can merge with the satellite company, power company, water company, garbage company, cable company, etc...everyone except for the pizza delivery guy. Then we can control the price and can easily quadruple our take.

Someday we will be the Walmart of services.



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