kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 4:19:04 PM
re: AT&T U-verse Does Windows Phone 7

 As we move into 2011, expect almost all release of mobile products to support browsers and players to support one of the three advanced streaming technologies. Just as the initial release of the iPhone led to a manifold rise in the use of the internet in 2009 and 2010, the exploding use of OTT video is set to hit the internet as 2011 advances.

First, the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) which is a technology introduced by Apple found its way in its operating systems in version iOS3. All Apple devices including iPhones and iPADs with iOS3 now provide native support to HLS. This technology works by allowing the receiving device to tailor the transmissions by the server by breaking H.264 encoded content into 10 second chunks. The receiving device, based on network speeds can determine the bit rates at which these segments should be transmitted.

The second technology, of Microsoft Silverlight is now integrated in all Microsoft Windows 7.0 mobile operating systems. It uses a variant of streaming called Smooth Streaming. Using standard H.264 and AAC codecs, Silverlight demonstrated transmission of HD video ( 720p) over unprotected internet, which has now set the tone for new players and mobile devices in 2011.

The third technology, was that from the Google stable, called the WebM announced in May 2010. WebM is based on the use of Matroska( .mkv) file format and Vorbis  and VP8 codecs, which have been the hallmark of Google and its OS, Android. WebM content, which consists of multiplexed VP8 and Vorbis streams, is delivered using standard HTTP streaming.

The new Samrtphones, from the stables of Apple, Android and Windows 7 therefore now all support a technology, which has been so far on drawing boards. This new technology is that of the smartphones being able to receive content delivered over OTT and provide an experience which was not possible in the Smartphones even as late as in 2010.


KayliN 12/5/2012 | 4:17:26 PM
re: AT&T U-verse Does Windows Phone 7

A week after the heralded launch of Microsoft's smartphone, no one really knows about Windows Phone 7 revenue.

I read this here: Lack of Windows Phone 7 sales news a signal the device is a dud

Each and every business that makes smartphones makes it a point to tell the world how its latest gadget has taken the sector by storm, yet Microsoft remains cryptically silent. A dearth of publicity about the impact of Windows Phone 7 on smartphone sales has tech pundits assuming that Microsoft's latest entry to the market has fallen flat.

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