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belikejones 12/5/2012 | 3:57:28 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads "meshsecurity" - It will be a year on April 31st since the Airespace transaction closed. I'm willing to bet that we will start to see an airespace exodus from cisco - I don't think stopping aruba is the #1 thing on their minds - they are all looking for the next jackpot. Regarding mesh and aruba, its not a natural fit other than they are both wifi. Customers, channels, deployment (indoor/outdoor) are too different. Some engineer may put it into the product but the sales guys will never be able to sell it. Aruba needs to sell more products to the same customers (enterprises), not new products to new customers (munis, service providers).

- blj

whatupwireless 12/5/2012 | 3:57:27 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Cisco will be targeting them because its always been their plan to target Catalyst business with wireless security as their differentiation (take a look at their founders - all switching).

You're saying they shouldn't diversify because they need more marketshare first but if they don't diversify they'll never go public because one-trick ponies don't go public anymore and that 87M isn't going to last forever. So this debate you two have stumbled on is very interesting - sort of a catch 22. I don't know what the answer is but I guess we're seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of their issues.

The fact that its been 1 year since the acquisition is actually bad news for Aruba because that means there is probably some real product line assimilation that has been accomplished by now and Aruba's differentiation will get countered with "end-to-end" stories that Cisco "king of the core" has done to countless other "edge" companies (remember 3Com was arguing in the 90s that intelligence at the edge would eventually get them to the core - if you don't learn the lesson you're doomed to repeat it)...
meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:57:14 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Cisco will definitely protect their core business, which is the Catalyst6000 product line. Aruba's flagship product was designed to attack this very product, and for an acquisition strategy that is great. But, it did not happen. I just don't see how a company can go up against that platform and survive without more differentiation other than wireless aggregation. Remember, it is a high-end switch. Cisco will continue to pressure Aruba on this front.

Aruba's Mobile Edge story has good intentions but the product line is inadequate to be competitive with the Cisco ISR series of routers (The ISR's are the most successful router platform in Cisco's history, for several reasons) and are designed for the edge or remote branch office environment. For once, I am thoroughly impressed with an in-house developed Cisco product.

On Mesh, game over. Tropos owns Mesh and are pretty much unstoppable by anyone in the industry today.

Here's a question. What's next on the horizon? Getting a little boring out here....

garyg 12/5/2012 | 3:57:03 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads came across this: some thoughts straight from the folks at Cisco/airespace on mesh and assorted other topics....

WF_TOP_GUY2 12/5/2012 | 3:57:00 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads To all my fans..........I have returned (LOL.... there are not alot of them but still)

ARUBA ARUBA ARUBA..........where do I start!!

I just can't take it anymore!!

1. Missed their number ...........HUGE, the last two quarters. PAC-RIM, EMEA and CANADA etting crushed!!!

2. Dan Lebeau FIRED!!!........sorry reassigned to go after larger Cisco deals.......riiiiiiiiiiight.......isn't that why the VC's hired them in first place?

3. LOST Large deals to Cisco in EMEA and PAC-RIM, Don Lebeau was bitching about losing these deals to Cisco at the last AirHeads conference.
Good job on going after Cisco DON!!

4. Exit of key sales and engineering team to other start ups (Stoke....); why did they leave after putting so much time in......something that makes you go HMMMMMMMMMM!!!

5. Mike Kirby (Commander Kirby)........feeling tons of heat and filtering it down.........other sales guys calling Cisco begging for a job).

FAT LADY IS SIGNING BOYS!!.....Good job DON LEBEAU turning down the offer from Cisco's major competitor!!!!!


lrmobile_strungup 12/5/2012 | 3:56:56 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads WF_TOP_GUY

Aren't you Alan Cohen, ex-Airespace VP of marketing? I'm surprised you rely on this board as your marketing tool. That's almost as bad as David Callish.

meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:56:51 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Well Alan, you called it years ago. Yes, not a lot of fans but you were right.


eleveneye 12/5/2012 | 3:56:34 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Blah, blah, blah. for someone who knows so little, you sure talk a lot. Go write a poem or something. Or better yet, read this one:

Hickory dickory dock,
When 'space was placed up on the block,
the giant so massive,
the pipsqueak so passive,
a pittance was passed for the schlock.

Not exactly Yeats, but hey, it's the spirit that counts :-)

meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:56:32 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Funny. How do you fit all that big ego into that little body ?
meshsecurity 12/5/2012 | 3:56:32 AM
re: Aruba Swaps Heads Funny. How do you fit all that big ego into that little body...
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