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gea 12/5/2012 | 12:26:59 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? Booby!

Did you change meds? You actually expressed something that approached a coherent thought! (And your type count was much lower than usual.)
What is it these days? Prozac, Xanax, or some expertly-crafted and highly potent coctail? (Let me know so I can buy some stock!)
wilecoyote 12/5/2012 | 12:26:57 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? This rumor is absolutely false regarding Force10. They are not for sale.

3Com, please buy Riverstone! Then we'll be rid of both of you!

Force10 and Juniper should get together as partners and maybe merge some day. That would give Cisco serious heartburn. They'll finally get challenged at the high end as the low end is about to get nuked. It's about time Cisco stumbled hard. I can't wait. I'm tired of watching them starve the industry (look what they're doing to their semi suppliers--it's criminal) and deliver crap to their customers year after year.

Juniper, wake up!
Iipoed 12/5/2012 | 12:26:56 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? Metroman- Taking up golf for the 10th time. Yeah, yeah I know I am wrong about 3com and Palm. what do you expect from a sales guy. Foundry is only getting better. If they would only acquire F10 or Procket and drop the mucho grande then life would even be better.Hey picked up a new C4 cab the other day. lets do lunch and i will let you drive it.
laserbrain 12/5/2012 | 12:26:53 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? LR - you must have the gist of the strategy wrong. Maybe coms does want to buy rstn or f10, but if they want enterprise business that'd be as smart as buying Lucent. At least they'd get the golf course with LU.

Now if the strategy is "get back into the high-end switching buisness, position ourselves for revenue growth but not right now," then it might make sense to buy 10G for pennies on the development dollar and compete where no one has a clear lead. But there are NO enterprises who need that much BW in one switch yet. Its simply a service provider opportunity for the next few (5?) years. Legit, just not mass market yet.

optical_maverick 12/5/2012 | 12:26:53 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? and 3com has proposed a cat walk over 237 for seem-less integration.

Lancelot Lightwave 12/5/2012 | 12:26:47 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? 3Com abandoned the large enterprise market 3 years ago and left their CoreBuilder customers out to dry. Now they're looking to get back in??? Who in their right mind would do business with them?

boondocksbandit 12/5/2012 | 12:26:46 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? into the ground. Lessons from Eric Benh*** and his protege Bruce... Bridge (they should've been in Cisco's position, being the premier networking vendor in the late 80s), 3Com, USRobotics, Palm...etc.
netskeptic 12/5/2012 | 12:26:19 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone?
Can some kind soul educate a poor prol.

1. They still sold $1.3B of something last year, I am wondering what do they sell? I heard announcements about getting out of the carrier business, then of the enterprise business - do they sell NICs and software only ?

2. At one time buying USR did not look that dumb, USR had thriving access router business (in addition to modems and palm), but then they somehow managed to let RBAK to sell billions of their wares in the access market.

3. I also heard that Synernetic division did produce switches that were pretty successful.

4. In the same period Cisco's somehow was able to make money on worthless acquistions like Lightstream.

So, something like '3COM in the 90-s for Dummies' will be much appreciated.



robert_rodriguez 12/5/2012 | 12:26:14 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? I am curious why you think RSTN is dead?

Last I checked they bottomed out on sales and now growing. Granted the costs are still out of wack but alot of admin could be eliminated to make it a break even company at 20MM in sales per quarter.

With the cash they have on the balance sheet, the ability to buy technology cheap and the market turning... well they look pretty good at a valuation less than cash on the balance sheet.

Regarding engineering and sales my understanding was they cut back engineering to just focus on the valley (not that dumb) and sales performance was lacking in the post bubble environment, particularly if they wanted to go through channels. Something their old Cabletron sales guys were not as experienced in.

Net-net they got as good a chance as any of those small public networkers to make it -- and maybe make it bigger than FDRY, EXTR, JNPR, et al.

So I dunno but it looks like a good investment hypothesis in the small cap arena if you ask me. But I am listening ....
BobbyMax 12/5/2012 | 12:26:13 AM
re: 3Com to Buy Force10, Riverstone? Force10 has not been able to line up any RBOC, IEC, or CLECS as its customers. They have shippped products to some educational institutions only.

I think Force10 is itching to sell as it will be very hard to compete in the Gigabit Ethernet Swich Marketing Segment. It is very surprising that the company has lost billions of dollars. 3Com did every thing under the sun, but it never suceeded.

"Dr" Eric Benhamou has himself made millions of dollars from 3Com. He is supported by the board members who are his friends and do not care.3Com was more interested in creating sensations than managing product and technology.

Force10 VCs want to cash out. They do not want to take the company public. These VCs creating hypes so that the company can be sold at a very huge price. Since Force 10m is not producing revenue, its sales price should not exceed the amount invested. Even this amount may be high.

Force 10 should think of making 10 Gigabyte Ethernet phy. There are a lot of opportunities in the 10 Gbps Phy, albeit the time window is very small.
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