Cableco44 8/14/2013 | 10:57:50 PM
re: BroadSoft Buys Hipcom Kevin I agree with the migration to Cloud Voice Platform. I see the resellers ditching the wholesale DSL, T1, Ethernet and occasional Broadband circuits to build accounts in Cloud Voice Platforms, implementing their MetaSphere or BroadCloud licenses/services that have sat dormant. The reason I think is the FCC seems to take the consumer position that OTT Voice is as important and protected as the Telecommunication Service Provider Product.

The impediment of sophisticated applications of advanced telecommunications use is disappearing. It use to be Single Number Calling, Vmail to Email or Text were foot in the door sales techniques but the product would not be used. We see a large UCC and OTT movement adopting integrated video, collaborative conferencing going to the hosted provider rather quickly.

This pits groups who continually re-invent themselves as resellers to grab market share from incumbent networks. It could be the device is further mitigated by the desire of consumers to use a dashboard to control their profiles and devices (devices downloading a supportive app).
Kevin Mitchell 8/13/2013 | 1:09:26 PM
re: BroadSoft Buys Hipcom I believe this Cloud Voice Platform segment is really starting to emerge as a market category. It's different from the traditional whitelabel or reseller solutions in that is a truly a hosted, SaaS-based customizable solution. And it's antithetical
to the traditional build and run a network replete with CAPEX and risk. It's voice network as a service (VNaaS)!

Cloud Voice Platforms What Exactly Are They?

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